19 Amazing Facts About Indian Army That Will Make You Proud

Indian army is considered to be the largest volunteer force. The patriotism, ‘josh’ of an army person can never be compared with any other person over the globe.

Here are 19 Amazing facts about Indian Army that will make you proud:

  1. Indian army was originated in 1776 under the government of East India Company in Kolkata.
  2. Till now, only two army general have reached the position of Field Marshal. They are Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw & Field Marshal Kodandera Madappa Cariappa.
  3. In terms of global ranking, Indian Army is ranked 3rd after China and USA.
  4. Indian Army is the largest Volunteer Army in the world.
  5. Indian Army is the largest contributor to United Nation peace keeping operations.
  6. Indian Armed force also operates in Siachen Glacier. Siachen Glacier is the highest battlefield in the world which is 5000 metres above sea level.
  7. The selection procedure in Indian Army is purely unbiased. It means the selection is not done on the basis of caste, income or even reference. Only the deserving candidate is always opted among others.
  8. The Bailey bridge, build to connect Suru Rive and Dras rive in Ladakh was build by Indian Army. It is the worlds highest bridge with an altitude of 5602 metres.
  9. MES (Military Engineering Service) is the biggest construction agency in India.
  10. With the introduction of Agni-VI, India will become capable to hit any part of the world (except a few section of North America & South America).
  11. In Longewala battle, Indian Army showed their capability, where 120 Indian soldiers fought with 2000 Pakistani soldiers. The interesting fact is that Indian Army won the battle and did massive destruction to Pakistani military.
  12. Ezhimala Naval Academy, situated in Kerela is one of its kind in entire Asia.
  13. Many celebrities (Lt. Col. Kapil Dev, Group Captain Sachin Tendulker, Lt. Col. MS Dhoni, Lt. Col. Abhinav Bindra) are also awarded the honorary Army ranks.
  14. Param Veer Chakra is the highest military honor given to the Indian soldiers who showed their best in the battlefield and made Indian proud. Till now, 21 soldiers have been awarded with Param Veer Chakra award.
  15. Indian Army always is called even in many civilian operation. (Operation Rahat, Operation Blue Star, etc.)
  16. Subedar Yogendra Singh Yadav and Naib Subedar Sanjay Kumar are the only two Param Veer Chakra awardees who are still alive.
  17. Indian Para Commandos are considered among the best in the World.
  18. The Kargil war (in 1999) is considered to be the biggest achievement of Indian Army.
  19. Above all, the slogan of Indian Army is “Service Before Self“.

So, do you feel goosebumps with these proud facts about Indian Army?

Facts About Indian Army [VIDEO]

We Salute All The Soldiers! JAI HIND.

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