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What Does a Black Beret Mean in the Indian Army?

If you have ever gone to an army camp or have spent so much time around the Army and Air Force post, there will definitely be a time you saw beret-wearing service members. Wherever you go to an Air Force Gate, there will be officers in a blue berets to greet you. Likewise, if you have gone to an Army Post between 2001 to 2011, you must have seen black berets around you. A black beret was the standing uniform during that part. 

But, what exactly is a black beret in the army? Let’s find out. 

What Does a Black Beret Mean in the Army?

A black beret is a service dress belonging to that part of the Indian Army officers who are not authorized to wear any other distinctive beret. In the Canadian Army, the Navy Armed Forces wear black berets. At the same time, army officers wear the dress within the branch. 

In the Indian Army, a black beret is a dress for the Armoured Corps personnel of the British Army Royal Tank Regiment. Officers who belong to NCOs and JCOs other than officers from Armoured Regiments wear the black beret.  

A black beret is a sign of Armour, Intelligence and belongs to the army’s Technical Core.

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