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Motivational Story of Col. Navjot Singh Bal

When we talk about superheroes and the heroes in Hollywood movies that save the world by fighting the enemies, it always excites and motivates us. But the fact that we don’t know is that we have those superheroes in real life. The people whose stores will not only motivate us but also inspire us in real life. And those heroes who give their entire life to serve their nations are the army officers.

And in this article, we will learn about the inspirational story of Colonel Navjot Singh Bal

Who is Navjot Singh Bal?

Colonel Navjot Singh is a glorified special officer of the Special Forces of the Indian Army. Born and brought up in Delhi, Navjot joined NDA in 1998 and became an officer in 2002. Coming from a military background, he was always interested in joining the defence force. 

After joining the army, he did some extraordinary work during his serving period, including the one in Kashmir’s Lolab Valley and many high-profile terrorist operations. He was also awarded by Shaurya Chakra for his brave action in Lolab valley, in which he shot two terrorists in close combat. 

Not only this, but he was also a part of the United Nations mission in Congo. 

The Hidden Facts of Navjot Singh Bal 

In 2018 and his 2nd year as a CO in Bengaluru, he was doing a chin-up when he sensed a little pain in his right elbow. After certain tests, biopsy, and MRI, the issues came out to be more than we could imagine- it was osteosarcoma (bone cancer). It is a very severe variant, and the only option left for him was to get an amputation. 

Being a fighter, Navjot didn’t give up and started doing his daily chores with a single hand. He used his left hand, whether it was tying laces, eating, writing, or dressing. Seeing all the efforts and never-giving up the spirit of Colonel Singh, even his kids used to say that he is a real Avenger. 

The cancer was malicious, but the officer was the bravest. Even in his last days, he was smiling and full of joy. His last wish was to get departed in his beloved unit only. He left us at the age of 39, but his fighting spirit will remain forever with us.  

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