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Motivational Story of Brigadier Bhupesh Singh Hada

Brigadier Bhupesh Singh Hada– a name that will be forever in the heart of the people of India and the Indian Army. When we talk about this office, words will become short. The army officer who has just turned into the King of Bundi has many unfolded pages in his book. 

Brigadier Bhupesh Singh Hada is a National Security Guard Commander in the Indian Army. During his service, he won many army medals and awards for his bravery and hard work. The Ex-Commander is crowned as the 26th King of Bundi – a place that is only given to the royal successor in the family. 

Brigadier Bhupesh Singh Hada - King of Bundi

A Military Officer Became the King of Bundi

Many people don’t know that the post of the King is something that doesn’t follow any institutions and rules. It is a symbolic representation of the community and other people that the person accepts and takes due respect. The royal family of Bundi has been without a king for the last 11 years. After Ranjit Singh, the last crown holder and the only son of Maharao Raja Bahadur Singh, passed away in 2010 childless. 

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During the time when the city was without the King, the entire property was under the surveillance of a former MP of Alwar and Bhanwar Jitendra- a Congress Leader and a member of the Bundi family. For selecting the next perfect candidate as the King, the Hada Rajput community created “Paag’. 

With the consent of more than 108 members out of 118 thikanedars and ex-jagirdars, Brigadier Hada was nominated for the position of King on 4th December. Afterward, Brigadier Hada was crowned at the famous Maa Raktadantika Temple of Satur Village in Kota. He took blessings and paid respect to the royal seat of King Rao before he started the new chapter of his life. 

In all aspects, Brigadier Singh is capable of making the best of the position and serving his people. 

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