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Bomdila Incident of Beating Army Men: Colonel Defended His Men

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Indian Army is always trained to serve for his country. For a soldier, the country is always at first priority followed by his life. Most of you have already heard of supreme scarifies made by numerous brave son of the country. But when misbehave act is performed against Army soldiers; it really becomes a critical issue.

A shameful incident took place in Bomdila, Arunachal Pradesh where two army soldiers were almost killed by the Arunachal police.

What Arunachal Pradesh Localite Says?

According to the localities of Arunachal Pradesh the Indian army soldiers were drunk and were disturbing the crowd. When the localities reported the case to Bomdila Police station, the two Armymen were arrested. The localities even narrate that the two soldiers damaged the property in the Police station against which they were beaten badly. When the care rise in the area, the ladies too came in support of other people and tries to defend their allegations.

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Another allegation was made on the soldiers that state that the army men also abused the district magistrate, a lady. Indian Army always teaches her soldiers to serve the motherland. The soldiers who can die for her ‘MOTHER’ land can’t be imagined to abuse any lady.

Proof of Allegations Made by Localites:

The biggest point in the entire case is that the entire list of allegations is just the collection of words as no clue has been found in any allegation. Form the scratch, the list of crime registered by the localities is totally clueless. Even the local police have no clue against the army men who were beaten.

How Protector of Laws Broke the Law:

The two army men were brutally beaten by the Police department without having any clue. This is clearly the negligence of law towards a human being.

Apart from this, skipping the reputation of Indian Army and its Army men is another law-breaking act done by the Bomdila Police.

Colonel Firdosh Dubash Defended His Boys:

The true leadership was later presented by the Army Colonel Firdhosh Dubash, who is also the Commanding Officer of Arunachal Scouts. After he saw the critical situation of his men, he threatened the Police. The threatening video has now gone viral on the social media with plus and minus views.

However, the tweet made by IPS Association only encompasses the threat made by Colonel Firdosh Dubash. No apology video by the IPS Association has been realized for the brutal beating of army men which is really a shameful act.

Col Firdosh Dubash has been trained in the prestigious organization of IMA where he was taught about the ‘Chetwode Motto’ which states:

The safety, honour, and welfare of your country come first, always and every time. The honor, welfare, and comfort of the men you command come next. Your own ease, comfort and safety come last, always and every time.

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