Minimum Height Required For Indian Army

More than One Lakh candidates apply for entrance examinations every year to get into the Defense Forces of India, but only a few get to make it to the final selection. There are many factors on which a candidate is judged during the selections. Intelligence, creativity, communication, and height & weight are also measured. 

Many students have been confused about the minimum required height for getting selected for the Indian Army. So, in today’s sections, we will share all the information about the height requirements for joining the Indian Army

Minimum Height Required For Indian Army

Candidates need to know that the height requirements vary for male and female students. Body weight and other preferences are also kept different for both. 

Minimum Height For Female Candidate 

A female student should be at least 152 cm in height if she wants to join the Indian army. Female officers in the Gorkhas unit or the North Eastern Hill Region of India need only 148 cm minimum height to enter the defence force. 

However, the administration gives an allowance of 2cm if a candidate is below 18 years. Also, the condition for being in the Flying Branch is 163 cm. But, other preferences like sitting height, hand length, and leg length are also considered.  

Minimum Height For Male Candidate 

As we mentioned earlier, a boy’s height requirements are slightly higher than for a girl candidate. The acceptable height for male officers is 157.5 cm. Army officers appointed for the Northern Hill Region or the Gorkha unit need 5 cm less, i.e. 152.5, for selection. 

The height for the Air Force is 162.5 cm and for the Navy is 157 cm. In the case of Lakshadeep, the candidate has to be given a relief of 2 cm in height for final selection. 

Height and Weight Ratio For Armed Officers 

When the administration selects a candidate, their body weight is also kept in mind. Here given is the required weight for height that is kept standard for every personnel. The given data shows the minimum accepted weight for a specific height that a candidate must have to get selected for the Indian Army. 

What is the Minimum Height Required for to Join the Indian Army?

The Indian Defense Force has divided the country into 6 regions and has named each of it for its feasibility in recruitment procedures. The regions are the Western Plain Region, Central Region, Eastern Plain Region, Western Himalayan Region, Southern Region and Eastern Himalayan Region. 

The physical specifications and requirements as per particular regions are as follows: 

Region States Height (cm)
[GD & TDN]
Height (cm)
[Tech & NA]
Height (cm)
[Clerk & SKT] 
ChestWeight (Kg)
Western Himalayan RegionJammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab Hills (Area South and West of the Inter State Border between Himachal Pradesh and Punjab and North and East of Road Mukerian, Hoshiarpur, Garh Shankar, Ropar and Chandigarh), Garhwal and Kumaon (Uttrakhand)1661631627745
EasternHimalayan RegionSikkim, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Tripura, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Assam and Hill Region of West Bengal (Gangtok, Darjeeling and Kalimpong Districts)1601571607748
Western Plains RegionPunjab, Haryana, Chandigarh,Delhi, Rajasthan and WesternUttar Pradesh (Meerut and Agra Division)1701701627750
Eastern Plains RegionEastern Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Jharkhand and Orissa1691691627750
Central RegionMadhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Dadar, Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu168167162*7750
SouthernRegionAndhra Pradesh, Karnataka,Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Goa andPuducherry1661651627750


Here are the minimum physical standards given below for particular places: 

(b)Gorkhas both Nepalese and Indian16077
(c)Candidates from Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep Group including Minicoy:-  
(i)   Settlers1657750
(ii)   Locals1557750
(d)Tribals of recognized tribal areas16277
(e)The Brigade of Guards17377
(f)Medium Artillery17077
(g)Corps of Military Police17377
*(h)Clk (SD)/SKT16277
(j)RT JCO16077
(k)Soldier TradesmenMinimum physical standards of the regions given above, minus 1 Cm chest and 2 Kg weight. Height criteria would be at par with Sol GD as relevant to the region.
(l)JCO Catering (ASC) / Surveyor Auto Cartographer (Engr Gp) / Havildar EducationAs applicable to soldier General Duty for various regions.

Relaxations Given in Physical Standards 

There are some relaxations in physical standards for candidates

(a)SOS, SOEX, SOWW and Widow of       Ex-Servicemen Adopted Son/Son-in-Law of a War Widow, with no son and including a legally adopted son of serving Sol/Ex-Servicemen21
(b)Outstanding Sportsmen (National/ State & those who represented District / College / School in State / University / Board Championship & earned 1st/2nd position)23
(c)Candidates who belong to chronically poor areas and want to join overage categories from families involved in traditional professions. The relaxation is only permitted at the discretion of DDG Rtg (States) or Centre Commandants
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