All About PIQ Form In SSB Interview-Personal Information Questionnaire

Jai Hind! Every defense aspirants know the importance of PIQ form, PIQ (Personal Information Questionnaire) is the document of a questionnaire filled up by the candidates who qualify for the Screening Test. Three forms are provided for the candidates, and all of them must be filled. In this article, we will see all about the PIQ form.

Importance of PIQ 

It is the crucial document that derives the information about the candidate. It becomes the basis on which personal interview questions in SSB interview are asked. In SSB, they will compare you and your activities with PIQ. For example, if you have written ‘I am honest person then definitely either an interview or any other task, directly or indirectly, they will confirm that are you really honest, or you are telling a lie. The maximum number of questions are usually asked by interviewing officer. 

Information in PIQ Form

 PIQ form generally contains- 

  • Basic information: Candidate Name, Chest Number, Father’s Name, State, District, Permanent Residence, Parents are alive or not, About Siblings (If any), Date of Birth, Religion, Married or not, age, height, weight. 
  • Qualifications: Qualifications of your parents, Siblings (If any), Your qualification from 10th to graduation (Not applicable for candidates going after 10+2 entries), NCC training (if applicable)
  • Occupation and Family Income: Candidate monthly income and occupation (if any), Father’s income and occupation (if any), Mother’s income and occupation (if any).
  • Achievements: Candidate achievement in sports or other extracurricular activities, Position of responsibility in a sports team, or other activities.
  • Details of Previous Interview: If you are a repeater means you have already attempted SSB once; you need to fill all details of your previous interview, like the date when you were there, are you got screened out or conference-out, or recommended.

Note: The interviewer sees and asks what you have learned from your experience.  

Tips to fill PIQ Form

  • Know your personal details and avoid mistakes in the basic information.
  • Write true statements that prove about yourself.
  • Do not give inaccurate information; otherwise, it will show a lack of self-knowledge.
  • Any information you are giving should not mismatch with what you are saying in the interview and what you have furnished in the PIQ form.
  • Write legibly; the reader should clearly understand your information.
  • Avoid scratching and over-writing.
  • Do not copy with others.
  • Write the correct number of attempts you have made so far.
  • Your thought should be precise while writing.

Latest PIQ Form of SSB

Latest PIQ Form for SSB Interview
PIQ Form for SSB Interview

Note: So this is all about PIQ form; remember your PIQ form is your ‘Kundli’ whatever you write; it should be true, and try to be positive while writing. We hope you get my point, so keep your josh high and stay safe and healthy.

Utkarsh Gaur
HVAC design engineer have a knowledge of various software of design and drafting,1+ year experience of working in design field and additionally BIM segment.A defense lover who Love to explore and ready to learn and share new things.



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