Sqn Ldr Meet Kumar- An Inspiration for All Air Force Aspirants

Indian Air Force has lost one of the brave fighter pilots Squadron Leader Meet Kumar in a crash. Sqn Ldr Meet Kumar flying a MiG-21 fighter jet and was having a routine sortie on 18th of July from Pathankot. Just after an hour of his take-off, his plane crashed near Kwali, Kangra in Himachal Pradesh.

Information about the Crash:

The pilot was on a routine sortie and was flying MiG-21. No such issue was encountered at the time of take-off. After Meet Kumar take-off from Pathankot airbase, his machine crashed and caught fire. This resulted in the killing of the officer.

The eyewitness disclosed the details that in minutes before the crash, Sqr Ldr Meet Kumar was seen looking for an open area away from the civilization where no harm can be encountered. His motto was supposed to protest the people n civilized are without bothering about his own life.

Indian Air Force – A Date with an Air Warrior (Video):

Months before this incident has happened, the Pilot Meet Kumar was featured in a special video of Indian Air Force where he explained his love with the MiG-21 fighter Plane. In the video, he symbolized the MiG-21 as a machine which the loves more than his wife.  He also mentioned that the time he spent with this flying machine is far more than the time spent with his wife.

An Inspiration for Youth:

Today, Squadron Leader Meet Kumar is no more. But the inspiration and motivation he has delivered to the young generation and all the air force aspirants will always stay with us. All the air force aspirants must watch the video and imagine the zeal Sqn Ldr encompasses while serving for the nation and flying MiG-21.

About Squadron Leader Meet Kumar Family:

Sqn Ldr Meet Kumar was the eldest son of Mr. Pravin Kumar. He was born on December 31, 1985. Meet Kumar was survived by a daughter, his wife, and parents. Except this detail, no other information is available over the internet.

Numerous Crashes in the Past:

This is not the first incident of the MiG-21 crash; instead numerous other has happened in the past, killing many of our brave and precious fighter pilots. Minister of State for Defence Subhash Bhamre had on Wednesday told the Lok Sabha that a total of 25 accidents involving IAF aircraft have been reported since 2015-16. He said that a total of 39 people died in the accidents and that IAF lost all the aircraft involved in the crashes. He said there were five accidents involving aircraft of the Army during the period in which four people were killed.

Pitfalls of MiG-21 Fighter Plane:

With the inclusion of many other competitor planes, the MiG-21 encountered multiple safety issues that were not anymore able to be upgraded. Apart from this, MiG-21 fighter plane has resulted in a high number of the military as well as civilian causalities that resulted in its decommissioning after the completion of 50 glorious years in the Indian Air Force. The causalities data shows that:

  • Nearly 170 Pilots of Indian Military, as well as 40 civilians, are reported to be killed in multiple MiG-21 accidents. Between 2010 and 2013, minimum 14 MiG-21 fighter planes have been crashed.
  • The most interesting fact about these MiG-21 fighter planes is that out of all the planes manufactured between 1966 and 1984, nearly half jet planes are lost in various crashes.



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