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Remembering Captain Anuj Nayyar MVC – 1999 Kargil War Hero

1999 Kargil War was one of the biggest war in Indian history that results in loss of some of the brave and great soldiers of Indian Army.  Captain Vikram Batra, Captain Manoj Kumar Pandey, Captain Vijayant Thapar, Captain Anuj Nayyar are some of the proud names. Captain Anuj Nayyar was one of the brave Officer of Indian Army who laid his life, serving the motherland. He was just 24 when he sacrificed for the country and presented the example that country comes first always.

Anuj Nayyar Biography:

Anuj was born on 28th of August 1975 in Delhi. He completed his schooling from Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan. After completing his schooling, he cleared NDA and joined National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla Pune. He completed his NDA training under 90th course, Echo Squadron. After he completed his NDA training, he joined Indian Military Academy and was finally commissioned in June 1997. Captain Anuj was commissioned in 17th Jat Regiment. Here are the details about Captain Anuj Nayyar family:

Captain Anuj Nayyar Family
Capt Anuj Nayyar Father S.K. Nayyar
Capt Anuj Nayyar Mother Meena Nayyar

Captain Anuj Nayyar Love Story:

Not most of you know that Captain Vikram Batra and Captain Anuj Nayyar were close friends as they were posted in the same regiment and were engaged days back from 1999 Kargil Yudh. No information about Anuj Nayyar Girlfriend has ever been disclosed by his family.  But whenever you look for Anuj Nayyar Love Story there is one special incident that you all should know.

As Anuj Nayyar was engaged days before he was moved forward to capture Pt. 4875, he was wearing the engagement ring. But before he moved to capture the point and complete his operation, he handed over his engagement ring to his Commanding Officer as he never wanted his engagement ring to fell in the hands of enemies. His senior officer kept his ring with the wish for his comeback with a victory. Unfortunately, he didn’t return back to take his ring back.

Story of Anuj Nayyar in Kargil War

Whenever the story of Kargil war will be recalled, it will be incomplete without the contribution of martyr Capt Anuj Nayyar. Anuj was one of the 50,000 soldiers posted on the border to halt infiltration and drive back Pakistani militants from Indian Territory. The major operation given to 17 Jat Regiment was to recapture Pt. 4875 which is known as “Pimple II”.

There were numerous bunkers of the enemy that needs to vanish or captured to take control of Pt 4875. In the initial stage of their operation, the company commander of Captain Anuj Nayyar was badly injured. Hence the team split into two groups, one group was led by Captain Vikram Batra and another one by Capt Anuj.

Moving on, Capt Anuj Nayyar successfully cleared three bunkers but during the clearance, he faced heavy shelling from the enemy bunkers. When the company moved to clear the fourth bunker, a rocket launched directly hit Capt Nayyar, making him severely injured. But the captain doesn’t stop here! He continued his operation with critical injuries and successfully cleared the fourth bunker. Capt. Anuj was martyred on 7th July 1999. Here are some interesting facts about the Operation to Capture Pt. 4875:

  • Not a single soldier of Capt. Anuj Nayyar’s company survived the Battle.
  • Pakistani infiltrators counter-attacked the post after 2 days of Anuj Nayyar Death
  • In the counter-attack, the second team of Charlie Company led by Vikram Batra drives Pakistani back to their territory.
  • During the operation, Anuj killed 9 Pakistani militants and busted three medium machine gun bunkers.

Point 4875 is one of the crucial parts of Kargil war which was important to capture. But due to steep slopes, it easy almost impossible to reach the top and overpower the infiltrators. It was said that without Airforce support, it was nearly impossible to get it back, but the brave soldiers made it possible and made their supreme sacrifice.

For his sacrifice made for the nation, on 15 August 1999, Captain Anuj Nayyar was awarded Mahavir Chakra posthumously.

Anuj Nayyar Movie (LOC Kargil):

Bollywood Film LOC Kargil depicts the entire story of Operation Vijay during Kargil War. In this movie, Saif Ali Khan played the role of Capt. Anuj Nayyar. This Bollywood Film was directed by J.P. Dutta that showcases the entire LOC Kargil war through this movie.

Apart from this, Hindi Movie ‘Dhoop’ also depicts the life of Anuj’s parents after his death. In this movie, Om Puri played the role of S.K. Nayyar.

Famous Anuj Nayyar Quote:

At the age of 16, when Anuj was in class 10th, he met with a severe accident. In this accident, his muscles were totally torn from his knee to toe. At that age, he received 22 stitches without anesthesia. At that time, Anuj told his father:

“Pain lied in the brain, not in the leg”

Watch Captain Anuj Nayyar Video [MUST WATCH]:

Tribute to Anuj Nayyar:

As a tribute for supreme sacrifice made by Capt. Anuj Nayyar, a Petrol Pump was offered to his parents. The Petrol Pump is named after as Capt Anuj Nayyar Petrol Pump. Apart from this, there are many other places that are named after martyr Anuj Nayyar.

  • Anuj Nayyar Gas Station
  • Captain Anuj Nayyar Road
  • Captain Anuj Nayyar Block (Library in Delhi University)


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