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Indian Air Force Training Academies and Establishment

Jai Hind Defense Lovers! 

When an individual clears the selection procedure, they are sent to one of the Air Force training establishments, where a cadet undergo scientifically planned training which includes both mental and physical training cadet to help them gear their life in the Indian Air Force.

All of the Indian Air Force training establishments are equipped with the best facilities, including institutes, swimming pools, etc. IAF takes care of every cadet requirement and gives you a monthly stipend in the last year of training. 

In this article, we are going to see various training academies of IAF and their establishment.

Training Academies of IAF (Indian Air Force)

Air Force Academy

AFA has situated 43 km from Hyderabad at Dundigal. It is one of the premier institutes of the IAF. AFA imparts training to flying, ground duty (Technical and Non-Technical) branches; also, AFA gives training to the Indian Army and Indian Navy officers. AFA developed the required skills of warfare and taught etiquette and code of conduct that are expected from officers. The curriculum includes presentation skills; Public speaking, debates, drills, games, swimming means the overall development of trainees as gentleman officers.

Training types conducted in AFA

Flying Training:

It consists of three-stage, i.e., Stage 1 training of 24 weeks at AFA; the Pilots trainee are trifurcated into Fighter, Transport, Helicopter streams. At Stage 2, the trainee gets their training in their respective streams; after successfully completing Stage 2 training, they are commissioned as an officer and undergo the Stage 3 training. After completion of stage 3 training, they do operational flying in their respective units.

Air Traffic Control Officers Training:

Course conducted in Air Traffic Officers Training Establishment where a cadet gets theoretical and practical knowledge. The course is designed and structures based on ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).

Ground Duty (Non-Technical) – If a cadet opts for Education, Logistics, Administrative branches, then an individual goes through one year of training in AFA according to their branch. 

Ground Duty (Technical) – If a cadet chooses the technical branch, they undergo 22 weeks of training in AFA, especially in the Aeronautical branch.

Air Force Administrative College

 Air Force Administrative College (AFAC), located at Coimbatore, is one of the oldest training establishments of the Indian Air Force. 

Various courses conducted for in-service officers are:

  • Ground Duty (Technical & Non-technical)
  • Basic Air Staff Course: Officers (BASCO)
  • Intermediate Air Staff Course: Officers (ISCO)
  • Basic Professional Knowledge Course: Officers (BPKC)
  • Advanced Professional Knowledge Course: Officers (APKC)
  • Para Legal Course

For Meteorology branch-related courses:

  • Initial Forecasters’ Course (IFC)
  • Advanced Met Courses for Met Tradesmen (SNCOs)
  • 2nd Stage Training of GDOC (Met) 

Air Force Technical College

After completing 22 weeks of training, the cadet will undergo 52 weeks of technical training in AFTC Bangalore, where cadets get knowledge in various fields of aviation like propulsion Labs, electronics, etc.

Flying Establishment 

Thus, after basic Flying training (STAGE I) at AFA and trifurcation into Fighter, Transport, and helicopter stream, a pilot would undergo further training as follows:

  • STAGE II – Advanced stage
  • STAGE III – Specialization


  • STAGE II – Hakimpet – 24 Weeks
  • STAGE III – Bidar, Kalaikunda – 24 Weeks


  • STAGE II & III – Yelahanka – 48 Weeks


  • STAGE II – Hakimpet – 24 Weeks
  • STAGE III – Yelahanka – 24 Weeks

I hope you get an idea about the various training academies and always be motivated and keep your josh high.

Utkarsh Gaur
HVAC design engineer have a knowledge of various software of design and drafting,1+ year experience of working in design field and additionally BIM segment.A defense lover who Love to explore and ready to learn and share new things.


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