World Rankings of Indian Army, Navy and Air Force

When it comes to the ranking of the best army in the world, India’s army comes under top 3 of them. Not only the Indian Army, but the Indian Navy and Air Force also has world rankings because of the active manpower, nuclear weapons and many other things. 

There’s a reason why India ranks on the world level and has such remarkable recognition in terms of defence on the world map. Let’s find out what are the factors that make India- the leading military power on the planet. 

World Rankings of Indian Army, Navy and Air Force

1. The Indian Army

Active Manpower: 1,325,000

Total Tanks: 6,464

Total Aircrafts: 1,905

Budget: $50 Billion 

According to the Economic times, India’s army has positioned 4th in the list of World’s Best Army. The Indian Army has a collection of 1.3 million active personnel with 1.3 paramilitary personnel and 2.1 million reserve. 

After the U.S, China and Russia are the top three holders when it comes to world rankings followed by India. France and Germany are the next rank holders after India. But when we compare the present standing power, China and the US are the only ones who can compete with India.   

The power of India is rising day by day. And the participation of strong weaponries and private players will make the Indian Army stronger and hard to beat. 

2. The Indian Air Force

Established in 1932, India ranks in the 4th position when it comes to the list of countries with the strongest Air Force in the world. The top 3 positions are taken by the U.S, Russia and Israel. India has more than 1500 aircrafts, and 1.7 lakh personnel and with such a strong base, it is capable of coming ahead of the United Kingdom’s  royal Air Force following with China and France. 

The Indian Air Force will always be popular because of its significant participation in the China-Pakistan war. And its role in the Kargil War that helped India achieve victory will remain in the hearts of every Indian. 

Moreover, the top aircrafts that India has are Dassault Rafale, HAL Tejas, Sukhoi Su-30 MKI and Mikyon MiG-29 that can destroy any foreign aircrafts in seconds. 

3. Indian Navy 

The power of the Indian army in water can be defined by looking at its position in the list of world’s powerful navies. India has the 7th best navy in the world after the United States, Russia, China, Japan, UK and France.  

On the basis of the country’s naval power, weaponries, submarines, aircraft carriers, vessels, corvettes, and destroyers, India has got this world ranking. And with more than 155 warships and more in making, the country will be incompatible. 

With all these powerful defence security forces, India is stronger than every and will be more powerful in coming years. In short, it will be impossible to beat India by any means, whether it is land, water or air.

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