Know About 21 Indian Army Corps List Before Joining Indian Army

The Indian Army offers the most thrilling experiences to those who love adventure and action. But many people do not know that the army is more than just fighting men and handling machines. Besides, it involves technology, non-tech departments, education, doctors, lawyers, farmers and many more. Whatever name you have in mind, the Indian Army has it. You will start distracted from the list, but it will just go on and on. 

If you are an aspirant who wants to join the Indian Army, then it is essential you know about all the branches and vacancies of the department. And to help you get all the necessary information, we will share with the 21 Indian Army Corps List to choose as your career. : 

 Know About 21 Indian Army Corps List Before Joining Indian Army

1. Armoured Corps 

This branch is for you if you are an adventure lover who loves to ride big tanks. Formed in 1947, this branch consists of all the armoured regiments of the army. This section has 63 regiments, and people celebrate 1st May as the corps raising day. 

2. Infantry

The prominent role of the infantry is to defend and attack. And that’s why all the other branches and corps support this branch’s soldiers. They remain at first for any action.

3. Artillery 

The branch is the second most significant part of the Indian Army. And that’s why it carries ⅙ of the total space of total strength in the military. It involves mortars, guns, rifles, rocket launchers, missiles, artillery firepower and surveillance systems. 

Further, Artillery is divided into two sub-divisions:

  1. Field Artillery involves guns and mortars or attacking enemy troops.
  2. Army Air Defence: involves guns and rockets for handling threats by airborne attacks. 

4. Army Aviation Corps

Apart from the role of attacking enemies via air, the Army Aviation Corps also provides logistical assistance in inaccessible areas for the Indian Army, for example, Siachen Glacier. 

People of the AAC branch also perform tasks like Combat transportation, Combat rescue and research, Military prisoner transportation and Medical evacuation (MEDEVAC), and logistics relief in times of war and other emergencies. 

5. Corps of Engineers  

A branch that involves technology and everything related to engineering-related tasks. This field is only operated by men and involves Engineers, BRO, MES, MAP and Survey of India. Here is the further classification of the category: 

Combat Engineers: It is further divided into 3 groups- Bengal Sappers, Madras Sappers and Bombay Sappers. They manage wartime construction work like building bridges for shifting armour and tanks. 

Military Engineering Service (MES): The only construction agency that deals with all kinds of tasks related to construction like building residential houses, office buildings, hospitals, runways, and marine docks across the country and border areas.   

Border Roads Organization (BRO): Manages all the work related to building road networks along the border areas and neighbouring countries.

Married Accommodation Project (MAP): Responsible for constructing married accommodation for the personnel of the Indian Army. 

Survey of India: The section is responsible for surveys and mapping as it is India’s central engineering agency. 

6. Corps of Signals 

This section of the army corps deals with all kinds of army military communications. It also works closely with the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) for software control and development & update commands. 

7. Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (EME)

The department of EME has varying roles and responsibilities that involve the development, design, trails, refit and inspection of weapons and other equipment. They also help in assistance and guidance for any operations during peace and war to units & personnel. 

Service Branches  

8. Army Ordnance Corps: 

The primary responsibility of the Ordnance Corps is to offer logistics and material support to the Indian Army along with Air Force and Navy when in need (majorly during war and peace). The listings involve equipment and materials for troops from pin to the plane involves weapons, clothes, missiles, tanks and much more. 

Only things like fuel, medicines and fodder are not included in the inventory. They are managed by the Army Service Corps, Army Medical Corps, and Military Farm Services & Veterinary Corps. 

9. Army Service Corps 

The department is responsible for procurement, provisioning and distribution of supplies of all the food inventory, dry & fresh eatables, hygiene chemicals, handling and distribution of ammunition, FOL (Fuel, Oil and Lubricants) and other items for medical care to all departments of Indian Army and Air Force with other paramilitary forces. 

10. Remount and Veterinary Corps 

The department which supervises functions like breeding and rearing all animals used in the departments is Remount and Veterinary Corps. The RVC set up the highest Stud Farm in the world- Zanskar Pony Breeding and Training Center in Ladakh. The center also got a ranking in the Limca Book of Records. All the Zaniskari ponies are bred for use at the Zanskar Center only. 

11. Army Education Corps 

The Army Education Corps department’s primary objective is to provide education disciplines and other etiquettes to soldiers and officers of all ranks. The education is not limited to combat but also non-combat operations as well. 

The AMC also offers training and education in other military academies like INA, IMA, AFA, ACC, and NDA. But for now, the administration plans to close the AEC department to transfer men to other departments. 

12. Corps of Military Police 

Military Police are the ones who handle prisoners of war and manage basic telecommunication equipment like telephones. They wear a unique red beret, white lanyards and belts with their uniform. They also have a black brassard with the initials MP in red. 

13. Military Intelligence 

Initially, the task of Military Intelligence was to handle only the field intelligence tasks in all the border countries. Moreover, it also authorizes all the counterterrorism tasks in the north and north-east region and collects information for small-scale team operations. 

The geographical location is set to only 50 km. The MI also aligns with counterintelligence to depict spies in the military. 

14. Military Farms 

More than 130 years back, the British started the military farms to manage the work of supplying milk and milk products to the Indian Army. But with time, the value of these farms has taken a step back. After that, too, military farms contribute to around 14 per cent of the entire 210 million milk consumed by the Indian Army annually, which is 1.3 million in numbers. 

In 2017, the government closed down more than 38 Military Farms. 

15. Army Pioneer Corps 

A pioneer officer is one who performs construction and all kinds of engineering tasks. Their objective was to offer semi-skilled labour or workforce to the Engineer units for tasks such as constructing roads, tracks, bridges, demolition, and water supply to different regions. And now, they handle all types of logistical operations. 

16. Judge Advocate General 

JAC is the legal branch of the Indian Army that consists of all the legal advisors, advocates, and people related to litigation and disciplinary actions. The department has only legally qualified officers with an educational background in military law who can provide legal assistance to the military for any issue. 

17. Defence Security Corps 

The Defence Security Corps regulates the security of the defence units/ installations under Govt. orders against pilferage and sabotage. And for the successful completion of these tasks, the DSC provides static guards, armed security staff, escorts, and mobile patrols. 

18. Canteen Stores Departments 

The most profitable retail chain in India is the Canteen Stores Department, which holds around every household product. They also carry a wide range of kitchen appliances, sports equipment, cars and alcoholic drinks. 

These stores stock in bulk and are sold at decent and concessional rates ( without taxes). The army families can buy goods from these CSDs at lower prices than outside prices. Canteen stores earn good prices after selling these products even at minimal rates. 

19. Army Medical Corps 

The Army Medical Corps provides medical assistance to all the officers and soldiers in the Indian Army. The department has seen a lot of changes and variations, starting from Indian Medical Service to Indian Medical Department to further Indian Hospital Corps and the Army Hospital Corps to Army Bearer Corps and then, finally, the Indian Army Medical Corps (IMAC). 

Further, the iMac became an Army Medical Corps starting on 26th January 1950. 

20. Army Dental Corps 

This specific branch consists of all the dentists in the Indian Army. The ADC officers are those who help the personnel and troops to manage their oral hygiene and health by providing dental care. 

21. Military Nursing Service (MNS)

The MNS includes the entire nursing staff of the Indian Army and is considered integral. The department consists of all the women officers who once were treated as underdogs. However, after independence, the officers of MNS served India in a way that took everyone’s attention and respect during the United Nations peacekeeping and abroad missions. 

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