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What is the Significance of ‘SWORD OF HONOUR’ in the Indian Army?

If you are planning to join the Indian army, there are many things that you must understand before you appear for the interview or final round. And one such significantly important term is the “Sword of Honour“. This award has an important role in the army, but a candidate has to earn this award with hard work, consistency, and excellence. 

What is ” The Sword Of Honor”?  

The “Sword Of Honor” is a special award that the special cadets earn when they get into the merit list of exams like NDA, IMA, and OTA during the POP (Passing Out Parade). That means the one has to be the best among the passing cadets. 

The candidate has to be the best in the whole batch in academics and sports with extracurricular activities like debate, drama, and group discussions. The duty of selecting the best person based on all the factors is given to the Directing Staff of the Committee. Being one of the most prestigious awards, cadets also get to choose their arms after passing out from the training. And they become the senior-most office of the batch automatically. 

Parameters To Earn The “Sword Of Honour” 

To earn this award, the cadet has to pass all the parameters given below: 

1. Physical Test 

Physical tests include all the tasks that every candidate has to pass, including interview drills and swimming tests. 

2. Filed Training 

Field training involves a candidate’s learning about the battlefield’s details like the escaping routes, infiltration, employment of hiding positions, construction, and many other things.   

3. Service Subjects 

In the final term of the training, cadets get specialized subjects that you earn depending on their capability. And by selecting your specialized subjects, they get a higher chance to rank at the top.

4. Active Participation 

A never saying “No” spirit of a candidate throughout the training is always helpful. 

5. Holding Appointments

Candidates are checked for management and organizational skills to choose the all-rounder candidate.

6. OLQs (Officer Like Qualities)

The academy tests your OLQs factors throughout the time at every moment during your training, exams and other things. 

7. Additional Course 

Candidates who have opted for additional courses like “Basic Para” are more likely to earn extra credit to reach the merit list. 

In other words, after winning the Sword of Honour, you don’t need any more introduction in the army. 


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