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Know Interesting Facts About Intelligence Bureau (IB)

The IB, or the Intelligence Bureau of India, is a special agency that deals with a country’s internal security and counter-intelligence. It works under the Ministry of Home Affairs. Founded in the year 1887, it is the oldest and most renowned organization in the world. 

Before 1968, the organization handled foreign and domestic intelligence, but now it only handles domestic intelligence and internal security. And the Research and Analysis Wing gets the command of Foreign affairs. The current director of the Intelligence Bureau is Arvind Kumar (2019-present).

And today, with the blog, we will share some interesting facts about the Intelligence Bureau that you haven’t heard earlier. 

Know Interesting Facts About Intelligence Bureau (IB)

1. IB is India’s most authentic internal intelligence agency, which was formed in the year 1887 by the British Government. Back then, the major role of the agency was to monitor Russian Troops to detect Russian invasions. 

2. The number of people in the unit ranges around 25,000, along with 3500 agents spread throughout the country. 

3. There are different ranks associated with the agency as follows:

Position in Intelligence Bureau Position in Police Service 
Director Intelligence Bureau None 
Deputy Central Intelligence Officer Additional Superintendent of Police
Special Director Director General of Police
Assistant Director Superintendent of Police
Additional Director Additional Director General of Police
Joint Director Inspector General of Police 
Deputy Director Deputy Inspector General of Police 
Assistant Central Intelligence Officer I Deputy Superintendent of Police
Assistant Central Intelligence Officer IIInspector of Police
Junior Intelligence Officer  ISub-Inspector of Police 
Junior Intelligence Officer IIAssistant Sub-Inspector of Police 
Joint Deputy Director Senior Superintendent of Police
Security Assistant Head Constable of Police

Functions of Intelligence Bureau (IB)

The major functions of this organization are: 

  • To accumulate the information from within India and handle counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence attacks. 
  • To track and keep an eye on terrorist attacks, VIP security, counter-intelligence and other sensitive issues of the country. 
  • To work for intelligence collection in the border areas and their domestic intelligence responsibilities. 
  • Can also perform wiretapping without taking any permission, in addition to email spying. 
  • To grant security clearance for Indian diplomats and other important people like judges before their oath ceremony. 

5. The Intelligence Bureau has performed many significant tasks in the past and is still doing many. But, for security reasons, most of them are hidden from people. 

Some of the major work of IB involves the counter-terrorism attack of 2007, where they bust the terror modules. They also alerted Hyderabad police of coming blasts and warned about a sea attack in Bombay (November 2008). 

6. The Intelligence Bureau team comprises employees from many popular departments like Indian Police Service (IPS), the Indian Revenue Service (IRS), law enforcement agencies and the military.  

7. Only an IPS Officer will be the Intelligence Bureau (IB) Director of India. 

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