What is the Importance of NCC and Benefits of NCC Certificates

What is NCC? What is the importance of NCC? This article will learn about NCC, the Importance of NCC, the Types of NCC Certificates, and their benefits.

About NCC (National Cadet Corps)

NCC is the acronym of National Cadet Corps. It is the youth wing of the Indian Armed Forces, with its headquarters in New Delhi, India. It is open to school and college students voluntarily as a Tri-Services Organization, comprising the Army, the Navy, and the Air Wing.NCC recruits candidates from high school, higher secondary, colleges, and universities all over India.

Importance of NCC

 “Unity and Discipline” is the motto for NCC. In living up to its motto, the NCC strives to be and is one of the greatest cohesive forces of the nation, bringing together the youth hailing from different parts of the country and molding them into united and disciplined citizens of the nation.

During the Indo-Pak War 1965 & the Bangladesh-Pakistan War 1971, NCC cadets were the second line of defense. They organized camps to assist ordnance factories, supply arms and ammunition to the front, and were used as patrol parties to capture enemy paratroopers.

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There are 17 directorates divided into 814 units divided into three service groups: Army, Naval, and Air. Out of those:

  • 684 are Army,
  • 69 Naval,
  • 61 Air units

The NCC, one of the premier youth organizations in our country, contributed to propagating national unity and integrity. 

NCC’s role is to provide the values of character, discipline, and hard work and shape them into dynamic and responsible citizens of the country. NCC is not only about parades; it’s about a lot of things that lead to hone the officer-like and leadership qualities in the students. It inculcates a sense of teamwork and self-discipline at an early age. Also, it’s a good way to inspire schoolboys to serve in the Indian armed forces or government.

Benefits of NCC and Certificate

As, We mentioned that it provides leadership quality, discipline and also develops interpersonal skills other than that –

  • There are a total of 32 seats which are set aside for cadets who hold NCC certificate provided they have scored 50% in graduation with at least a B grade in C level examination.
  • If all this suffices, they are eligible for SSC without qualifying for a CDS written exam. All they have to do is clear the SSB interview.
  • Other than SSB, they also get a preference over others in the CRF and BSF.
  • Other than just armed forces, several central and state governmental organizations give special preference to NCC cadets.
  • Candidates get 5 extra marks in the Indian Air Force, and 10% of vacancies are reserved for NCC candidates in the pilot course.

Types of NCC Certificates:

NCC offers three types of certificates based on duration

  • NCC A Certificate
  • NCC B Certificate
  • NCC C Certificate

About NCC ‘A’ Certificate

NCC ‘A’ certificate is not as valuable for government jobs as other NCC certificates. But the benefit of the NCC certificate is that it gives you a glance of the Indian Army, and it clears your way to get the certificate ‘B.’

Candidates with NCC certificate ‘A’ get some benefits of marks in all the test of all the wings of Indian Army. The trainee will be eligible to get the ‘A’ certificate after spending 1-2 years of training in the junior wing and must have attended one training camp. 

About NCC ‘B’ Certificate

A candidate achieves the ‘B’ certificate after attending one training camp and spending 1-2 years in the junior wing. A candidate must have 75% of attendance in NCC training in the senior wing to get the ‘B’s certificate.

NCC certificate ‘B’ help the students who want to join the Indian Army as ‘Jawan.’ The biggest benefit of NCC certificate ‘B’ is that now you can enroll for the ‘C’ certificate of NCC, which is very useful. Trainees also get some extra marks in the department of telecommunication and few other public sectors after achieving a ‘B’ certificate in NCC. 

About NCC ‘C’ Certificate

To get the ‘C’ certificate, the candidate must have got a ‘B’ certificate. He/she must have attended a minimum of 75% of the total training parade. He must be in the third year of training and have attended a minimum of 2 national pieces of training. The ‘C’ certificate is the most important certificate of NCC training.

When we talk about the selection procedure of armed forces, the NCC certificate ‘C’ benefits always give an advantage to the candidate. Indian Defence Services and Civil Services are both preferable career options. The reason behind choosing any one of them as a career is that both have high remuneration and a chance to serve the country directly.

People working in defense and civil services get high respect, and this also a reason behind joining these two sectors. When an aspirant dreams of being a part of any one of these sectors, they will have to make an early start.

Apart from this, many companies from the private sector consider NCC certificates as an advantage. We hope you get an idea about NCC and you are ready to join our country youth force.

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