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List of Indian Navy Admirals – Chief of Indian Navy (1947-2021)

Who is Chief of Indian Navy?

Admiral Karambir Singh is the current Chief of Indian Navy. Admiral Karambir Singh assumed command of the Indian Navy on 31 May 2019 as the 24th Chief of the Naval Staff. The Indian Navy Admiral is the head of the military staff of the Indian Navy. The Chief of the Naval Staff is the highest ranking naval officer on active service of the Indian Armed Forces. The Chief of Naval Staff is the primary adviser to the Government of India on naval affairs.

List of Indian Navy Admirals

S. No.NameDate of AppointmentLast Date of Service
1Rear Admiral J.T.S. Hall15-Aug-4714-Aug-48
2Admiral Sir Edward Parry15-Aug-4813-Oct-51
3Admiral Sir Mark Pizey14-Oct-5121-Jul-55
4Vice Admiral Sir Stephen Carlill22-Jul-5521-Apr-58
5Vice Admiral R.D. Katari22-Apr-5804-Jun-62
6Vice Admiral B.S. Soman05-Jun-6203-Mar-66
7Admiral A.K. Chatterjee04-Mar-6627-Feb-70
8Admiral S.M. Nanda28-Feb-7028-Feb-73
9Admiral S.N. Kohli01-Mar-7328-Feb-76
10Admiral J.L. Cursetji01-Mar-7628-Feb-79
11Admiral R.L. Pereira01-Mar-7928-Feb-82
12Admiral O.S. Dawson01-Mar-8230-Nov-84
13Admiral R.H. Tahiliani01-Dec-8430-Nov-87
14Admiral J.G. Nadkarni01-Dec-8730-Nov-90
15Admiral Ramdas01-Dec-9030-Sep-93
16Admiral V.S. Shekhawat01-Oct-9330-Sep-96
17Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat01-Oct-9630-Dec-98
18Admiral Sushil Kumar31-Dec-9829-Dec-01
19Admiral Madhvendra Singh29-Dec-0131-Jul-04
20Admiral Arun Prakash01-Aug-0430-Oct-06
21Admiral Sureesh Mehta30-Oct-0631-Aug-09
22Admiral Nirmal Verma31-Aug-0931-Aug-12
23Admiral Devender Kumar Joshi31-Aug-1226-Feb-14
24Vice Admiral RK Dhowan26-Feb-14 31 May 2016
25Admiral Sunil Lanba31-May-16 31 May 2019
26Admiral Karambir Singh31-May-19 Incumbent
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  1. Dear Sir, lot of 2nd and 3rd generation Indians born abroad want to join Indian defense service but current recruitment procedure dose not allow this for obvious reasons but if somehow could be overcome people born abroad will be proud to serve our nation.


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