Meet Captain Nikita Sahay – From the Indian Army to the Fashion Ramp

There are many examples of people in the Indian Army who have followed their other passions after their service. Because there is nothing more important than following the passion that we have, many officers had left their service and pursued their dream. One such example is of Captain Nikita Sahay who left and her story from the Indian Army to the Fashion Ramp. 

Meet Captain Nikita Sahay – From the Indian Army to the Fashion Ramp

Nikita Sahay– a small town girl who always wanted to be a model since her childhood. Captain Nikita belongs to an army family with his father being an AirForce Officer and her mother, a teacher. Nikita was just six years old when she came to know about modeling and various careers in this field. But there was no chance that she could share this with her family. 

And as her parents would have liked, she decided to go for something her parents would approve of, which was the Armed Forces. Later on, Nikita appeared for her UPSC Combined Defense Services Examination in 2010. Not only she clarified the paper but got All India Rank 4th for the paper. 

After that, she also passed the medical examination and got her first posting in Udhampur Cantonment. After many months in Udhampur, Captain Sahay got a steady placement at Meerut Cantonment. Life was easy for her in Meerut as compared to Udhampur where she used to manage the ration of the troops and majorly traveling. 

The Turning Point for Captain Nikita Sahay 

Soon after her joining in Meerut Cantonment, Nikita started skipping her daily workout and exercise. In a few months only, she gained 20 kilos. Sahay realized that defense is not somewhere she belongs, so she decided to quit her job. She submitted the paper in December 2021 and left her job by January 2013- soon after the Republic Day. 

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Nikita moved to Gurgaon with different hopes and dreams. And with her savings as an Army Officer, she opened a preschool along with her two partners. Nikita was always inspired by her mother and knew that teaching is the second most respectful field to pursue her career in. “Things were good, but something was still missing“- said Nikita. 

Being a fashion lover, Nikita always had a liking for modeling since her childhood. And after many years, she finally put her foot in the modeling line. During initial years, she had no friends for guidance and her parents were also not supporting her. Later on, Nikita heard of an audition for Lakme Fashion Week and registered herself, but got rejected. 

Without losing any hope, she worked on her body, walks, and posture. With daily practice and watching videos of models on YouTube, she did everything. And in 2014, she applied for the Mysore Mega Model 2014 and got her first break. 

Starting for Nikita’s Modeling Career 

Capt Nikita Sahay

Soon after her first big boost, Nikita landed in Mumbai in 2014 to apply for Lakme Fashion Week again, and surprisingly got selected this time. But this time, Nikita refused to take it as her school was in need of her supervision. Even when she was running her school, she was looking for the right opportunity. 

With never giving up spirit, Sahay approached a couple photographer cum friends- Olya and Jaf. The couple also made her do some auditions including the one at Emporia Mall. During the event, a famous designer – Rohit Bal spotted her and referred her name to other designers like Manav Gangwani. 

And with her first modeling assignment for Manav Gangwani, Nikita also got a pay cheque of Rs. 8000/-. After that, NIkita kept on trying and was persistent with her dreams that gave her many other modeling assignments.

She has never kept her foot back since then and is currently working with a very popular fashion designer of the industry. 

Nikita is a true example that nothing else matters when you have a passion for something and do everything to make your dream a reality.  

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