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Know About Various Para Commandos Badges in the Indian Army

There are many reasons why every youngster dreams of joining the Indian Army- pride, devotion, and love for the country. But one earns many others after wearing that uniform through his efforts and hard work- the Badges in the Indian Army

These badges play a significant role as each badge signifies your excellence and years of experience. And in this article, we will learn about various PARA Commandos Badges that you can have in the Indian Army. 

PARA Commandos In the Indian Army

The Para commando force of the Indian Army is a special force unit under the Indian Army’s Parachute Regiment. The primary tasks of this unit are to handle operations, counter-terrorism, hostage rescue, direct action, foreign internal defence and security, unconventional warfare, special reconnaissance, counter-insurgency, personnel recovery, and many others. 

And while following their duties, a para commando earns many badges as honors for discrete service to the country. 

Badges To Earn As a Para Commando

1. Balidaan Badge 

Para Commando Balidaan Badge

The meaning of Balidan is to Sacrifice, and like the word, this badge comes after a lot of effort and sacrifices. After completing the grueling 3 month probation period, including punishments that you cannot imagine, the candidate earns this badge.

2. Shoulder Title 

Shoulder Title

The shoulder title is a special badge that only the special para commando officers wear. The badge consists of a red patch with Special Force embroidered on it. 

3. Para Wings 

Para Wings

The Para Wings badge of the Para Commando unit consists of a white open parachute with light blue wings. The badge is given to candidates who complete 5 jumps from an aircraft- 3-day and 2-night jump with complete gear at 13500 ft. 

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4. Jumping Indicator Wings 

Jumping Indicator Wings 

The Jumping Indicator Wings shows the number of successful years of an individual paratrooper. Each star added indicates 25 jumps. Two show 50+ and three show 100+ jumps. 

5. Regimental Badge 

Regimental Badge

This badge is given to officers showing regimental identity in the Indian Army. The badge also consists of an open parachute with wings clinging from center, and on the bottom, it has “REGIMENT’. 

SO, here are some badges that a Para commando can earn to embrace the rewards that are given by the Indian Army.

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