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SSB Interview Dates for SSC JAG (Men) – 20, SSC NCC Spl (Men) – 43 and SSC (Tech) Men – 50

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Indian Army has released a notification saying that all the candidates who have shortlisted for SSC JAG (Men) – 20, SSC NCC Spl (Men) – 43 and SSC (Tech) Men – 50 can choose their SSB Interview Dates last by 28th of September.

Procedure to select their SSB Interview Dates:

  • Open joinindianarmy.nic.in and fill the Captcha to enter the website.
  • Click on Officer Login. Here you will be asked to fill the username and password.
  • Enter your username and Password, followed by the Captcha code.
  • Now you will enter your Indian Army candidate profile. Here you will see the Application history.
  • Under the Indian Army Application for SSC JAG (Men) – 20, SSC NCC Spl (Men) – 43 and SSC (Tech) Men – 50, you will see the option o choose the SSB Dates.
  • Once you choose the SSB Interview dates for the respective Army Notification, you can click on Submit button.
  • Your date will then be finalized.

Indian Army has also mentioned in the notification that all the shortlisted candidates are required to select the SSB Interview Dates before 28th of September. If any of the candidates missed selecting their SSB dates, the will be allotted the dates by the concerned SSB Selection Centre.

Important Points about JAG Entry Scheme (JAG 20)

  • The SSC JAG (Men) – 20 course will commence from April 2018. Before that, all the recommended candidates will be required to prepare their documents for final verification at the OTA Academy.
  • As there are limited vacancies for JAG 20 (Men-10 and Women-04), you need to show your best to get shortlisted in this.
  • The age limit is 21 to 27 years as on 1 January 2018. So, all the candidates are required to check their eligibility. Your matriculation certificate will be used to verify your DOB.
  • The Training will be of 49 weeks which will be held in OTA Chennai.
  • All the selected candidates will be given Short Service Commission in Indian Army with an initial tenure of 10 years which can further be extended up to 04 years.
  • All the documents mentioned in the official notification needs to be available at the time of SSB Interview.

Read Official notification for JAG Entry Scheme (JAG 20)

Important Points about SSC NCC Special (Men) – 43

  • The SSC NCC Special (Men) – 43 course will commence from April 2018.
  • This vacancy is for Unmarried/Married male as well as Unmarried and Wards of Battle causalities of Army personnel Female.
  • The age limit for SSC NCC Special Men-43 entry is 19 to 25 years as on 1st of January 2018.
  • There is a special NOTE by the Indian Army that a candidate can appear either for NCC Special Entry-43 or the CDS Entry for April 2018 Course.
  • For the Wards of Battle causalities, the NCC “C” certificate is not required.
  • The number of Vacancies for NCC Special Entry-43 is 50 for Men and 05 for Women.
  • The selected candidates will undergo 49 days training at OTA Chennai.

Read Official notification for SSC NCC Special (Men) – 43

Important Points about SSC (Tech) Men – 50

  • The Commissioned officers will be having tenure of 14 years during which they can apply for Permanent commission after the completion of first 10 years of their service.
  • Total Seats notified by Indian Army is 175 for Men and 19 for Women.
  • The training will be held in OTA Chennai.
  • At any point of the selection procedure, your candidature can be rejected in case any issue occurred in your form filling.

Read Official notification for SSC (Tech) Men – 50

So, all the selected candidates for SSC JAG (Men) – 20, SSC NCC Spl (Men) – 43 and SSC (Tech) Men – 50, make sure you fulfill all the requirements of selection. It’s time to get prepared for the SSB Interview and get recommended with flying colors.

All the Best defense Aspirants.

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