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10 Mistakes in SSB That You Should Avoid [Reasons of Rejection]

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For most of the Defense Aspirants, this is a major question that

“Why that guy gets recommended?”

Well, among multiple numbers of candidates, a limited number of candidates are recommended in SSB. There are some mistakes that most of the SSB candidates do during the SSB. Most of you don’t know the mistakes in SSB that results in your rejection. If you are facing Army, Navy, and Air Force SSB in coming weeks, this article will help you omit some mistakes in SSB that most of you commonly make and help you become a commissioned officer in Defense Forces.

Here is the list of top 10 Mistakes in SSB that most of you do:

Mistake 1: Following Others Blindly:

There have been many stages during your 5-days SSB selection procedure when you avoid heeding on the instructions that lead to wrong output. Going with the half cooked food can never deliver you the desired output. Most of the candidates avoid hearing the instructions properly and start to follow others. During Screening, Psychology Test and GTO, you are required to keep yourself Active and follow the given instructions.

Mistake 2: Comparing Yourself with Others:

There are maximum numbers of SSB Candidates who compare themselves with either the recommended candidates or others who are working well in their group. This is a myth that a person with extraordinary traits has high chances of recommendation. It totally depends upon how you represent yourself in front of the SSB Interviewers. Once you start comparing yourself with others, you will lose your self-confidence and starts following them from all aspects, resulting in your rejection.

Mistake 3: Following Rumors and Fake Stories:

This is a major issue with the Fresher, who come to attend the SSB for the first time. Most of the candidates share fake stories about the SSB Boards or SSB Recommended candidates that create a fake world of imagination in your mind. If you are a fresher and is going to attend the SSB, make sure to represent on what you are, not on what others say to get recommended. You will always be judged on what you are and what you have filled in the PIQ Form. Because of that, it’s also important to fill your PIQ form correctly. Do, read the SSB success stories, but don’t follow them. Work on your own strategy for SSB Recommendation.

Mistake 4: Comparing SSB with a Picnic Spot:

You will always find some candidates who take SSB as a picnic spot and follow their own rules in the SSB Accommodation premises. Due to such behavior, they always lose their focus during different SSB Activities like Group Planning, Command Task, Individual task, etc. While being undergoing SSB Selection Procedure, make sure to keep your eye on the recommendation only. Avoid everything else and maintain your focus only on the SSB Exam.

Mistake 5: Plan to Impress the Assessors at SSB:

This is a big myth that impressing the SSB Assessors will help you get some advantage on your recommendation. Instead, it will cause you harm and affects your SSB Selection too. Most of the candidates who work well in different SSB Exam, but tries to impress the Assessors at SSB, that annoys them and results in their rejection. Always work on your personal assessment and avoid planning to impress the interviewers.

Mistake 6: Violate the Rules (Even while being in Hostel):

SSB candidates think that the SSB Results are the output of their assessment during the SSB tests that are executed during the 5-days SSB Stay. But sources say that the candidates are judged each and every time throughout the day. You will be tracked during the testing phase as well as when you will not be having any test. You will even be tested during your leisure time. Many candidates violate the rules and regulations while being in the accommodation area that leads to harmful output at the end of 5-days stay.

Mistake 7: Give up at Some Point:

Whether you are a fresher or a repeater, you will always find yourself helpless at a certain point of the SSB testing phase. At such scenario, you will not be able to think anything else and hence will give up. Well, “Never Give Up” is the secret to your success in SSB. Be it any situation during the SSB testing phase, never give up and try to move out of the trouble with the available resources in the best possible way.

Mistake 8: Pretending to be Over-smart (To get Highlighted in SSB Group):

Everyone loves to be prominent in your group. For which, you try to work something unique. But some of you try to be over-smart and hence expect to be highlighted in your SSB Batch. This brings negative impact on the assessors. It’s better to be what you are and avoid being over-smart during the SSB testing phase.

Mistake 9: Hiding Information about Previous SSB

This is not a common but is a big factor that can lead to a bad effect on your SSB selection. Many candidates hide their previous SSB record, in order to attend the SSB as Fresher and increase their selection rate. But, you must know that with the introduction of the digital platform, it’s easy to store the details about every SSB candidate that can be tracked from every SSB center. So, make sure you fill the complete information that can help you prove your authenticity and honesty.

Mistake 10: Cramming the SSB Procedure (Writing Coaching Stories, etc.)

This is the major reason for the rejection of most of the SSB candidates nowadays. Today, the assessors at SSB face plethora candidates who come from the coaching institutes. But, the assessors are highly trained to filter them out of the complete batch. Coaching always helps you sharpen your personality that can be highlighted in front of the assessors. Instead, many candidates cram the WAT, TAT, SD and write the same during the Testing phase.

Final Verdict:

Whether you are a fresher or a repeater, you need to make sure you avoid the above-mentioned mistakes in SSB and increase your recommendation chances. All these mistakes in SSB can easily be judged by the SSB Assessors and hence results in your failure.

So, Dream Big and Earn Stars for your Shoulders!

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