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How to Clear Screening Test in SSB Interview [7 Tricks Inside]

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Do you find the Screening Test in SSB a tough task to clear?

Screening is the first stage of 5 Days selection procedure in the Service Selection Board. The screening test encompasses of two tests i.e. Intelligent Test (OIR) and Picture Perception and Description test (PPDT). Both these exams are basically the parameter that needs to be cleared to reach the second stage of SSB.

For many SSB candidates, it’s hard to clear Screening test in SSB and hence are rejected as Screened-Out candidates. The Screening in SSB is majorly aimed to judge the mental ability of the candidates.

Importance of OIR & PPDT Test in SSB:

In the Screening test, there are two phases. It’s important for every candidate to get shortlisted in the results of Phase 1 in order to stay at the SSB centre for Stage-II tests. The Screen test in SSB is a 1-day process whereas Stage-II is a 4 more days process which decides the recommendation of a candidate.

In the OIR exam, the analytical intelligence is judged with the help of two reasoning exam of 12-17 minutes each. The OIR is then followed by the Picture Perception & Description test (PPDT). The collective score concludes the list of shortlisted candidates for Stage-II.

In the OIR test, all the candidates are allowed to undergo two objective type reasoning questions that seem to be easy for most of the candidates. After that, the candidates are shown a picture on the screen (hazy, most of the time) and are given total 4 minutes to enter some essentials about the picture seen along with a story based on the picture.

All the candidates are then divided into equal groups are said to run a discussion on the Picture. Every candidate is allowed to narrate their story followed by a group discussion where they are required to conclude one story out of the group.

Now, you will require the right format to clear screening in SSB and get shortlisted for the second phase of SSB Interview.

Tricks to Clear Screening in SSB:

Trick 1: Listen to Each & Every Instructions

Since you are received at the MCO Office, Railway Station, you are given a plethora of instructions that you need to listen carefully. All the SSB instructions are highly important at different stages of your SSB interview. During the Screening test, it’s important to listen to the instructions given. It will help you understand the exam and crack it in the best possible way. In case of OIR Exam, you are provided a practice paper that you can take as an opportunity to understand the test format.

Trick 2: Avoid Describing the Story during PPDT

During the PPDT, most of the candidates start to describe the story. This is one of the major reasons for their rejection. It is strictly instructed by the Assessors to narrate their story instead of describing it. Make your story on three formats i.e. “What let to the Situation, What is happening in the Picture & what is the outcome”. Describing your story will only show your negligence when instructions were being given.

Trick 3: Never Greet Anyone in the Assessing Room

“Hi Sir, Good Morning Sir, Hello Friends”

Never use these greetings while you are narrating your story. During the Story Narration, it’s important to focus on what your story is all about and utilize the given time in narrating your story, instead of greeting anyone from the Examiner panel. This is strictly instructed before narration starts, but most of the candidates do the same even after being instructed.

The best way is to start directly with your story like “In the picture shown, I perceived 3 persons

Trick 4: Be Calm and Polite During Discussion:

To clear Screening in SSB, it’s highly important to remain calm and polite. Not only during the screening phase, it’s important to be smart and polite throughout the SSB Interview. During the Picture Perception and Description Test, it’s important to be polite as most of the time it results in a fish market. Even in the scenario of warm discussion, stay calm and submit your point in the best possible way.

What actually matters is delivering your point.

Trick 5: Support Weak Candidates to Give their Point

In a group, you will always find a weak candidate who always looks for the right time to speak. Whenever you find someone weak, it’s good to take the opportunity and invite him/her to share his point. This is a clear symbol of leadership that an assessor always looks forward. Curbing a weak candidate doesn’t show your bravery, instead, it shows you lack the leadership quality.

During the discussion, call the weak candidate to share their valuable points. You can even praise them if you like the point.

Trick 6: Narrate Your Story Confidently

Confidence is the root of your success during the 5-days SSB Interview. In the PPDT exam, you need to narrate the story confidently. With confidence, you can narrate your story without fumbling that add points to your selection. It’s important to sit straight and speak boldly during the narration as well as group discussion.

Trick 7: Lead the Group with a Concluding Story [If Possible]

Most of the coaching institutes suggest the candidates conclude the discussion with a concluding story. It increases your selection chances. This is not true all the time. It’s good if you could end the discussion, but it’s more important if your group prefer your name to end the discussion. In case your group recommends you to narrate the conclusive story, this will add more chances in your selection.

These are some of the points that increase your selection rate in the Screening. However, no one can even give you 100 percent surety about your selection.

What more points, do you think is important to clear Screening in SSB? Share your comments below.

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