SSB Interview Tips to Crack SSB in First Attempt

Are you having your SSB in coming month?

Is this your first Attempt to SSB?

If YES, you are burning your day and night to learn each and every tactic to crack the SSB and achieve the goal of your life.

Every one of the Defense aspirants is passionate to Join Indian Army and serves the motherland with glory. For a fresher, it is always hard to crack the SSB in the first attempt as not everyone can make it in one go.

SSB Preparation starts with the understanding of the complete SSB Interview Procedure that you will face during your 5-days stay at the SSB centre.

Here you will get solid SSB Interview Tips that will help you crack SSB in the first attempt. Let’s start with the tips…

Understand SSB Interview Procedure:

Once you receive the SSB interview dates for your upcoming SSB, you need to understand the complete SSB Procedure and plan your preparation accordingly. During your Screening, Psychology exam, GTO, you will be tested in a group. However, during your SSB Interview, you will be tested individually. So, it’s important to learn the right way to face the interviewer and come up with maximum score from the interview.

Get SSB Interview Experience:

For a fresher, it’s important to take dummy interviews and practice to learn the maximum. You can attend practice SSB Interview from different SSB Coaching Academy (whichever you can afford).

Attending the interview will help you omit your hesitation and add confidence. Also, during the interview testing, you will acknowledge your pitfalls that need to be overwhelmed before the SSB dates. You need to heed on the issues and resolve them at your end to score high in the Interview.

Sharpen Your Technical/Academic Knowledge:

During the interview, you will be asked from versatile sections. If you are being tested for technical entry, you will be asked technical questions related to your stream/education. However if you are being tested for non-technical Officer Vacancies, you will be asked questions from your educational background.

The best way to sharpen your knowledge is to note down the possible questions and try to respond them by your own on daily basis. Along with that, try to make notes of your academic details which you can pin on your study table. Reading the notes on daily basis will store them in your mind for long that you can easily narrate during the SSB Interview.

Enhance Your Knowledge Scope:

It’s not always that the Interviewer will ask you about your education or any technical question related to your educational background. Instead, many SSB recommended candidates have been asked questions related to their hometown, their schools, their family, their state, etc. It means the scope of Preparation for SSB is not limited to your academics knowledge. You need to learn more and more about your locality, city, state and even your country.

Be Prepared for Tough Time:

There are many cases when the Interviewer turns rude with the SSB Candidate to test the patience and self-control. Many Recommended candidates have been asked unhealthy questions during the 5-days SSB Procedure which can be hard for you. So, it’s important to be prepared for questions that you might never love to respond. Not only this, you are also required to be prepared for the harsh behaviour of the Interviewer.

So, these are some of the broad factors that once completed, can help you get recommended in your first attempt. SSB recommendation is not easy, but it’s even not hard as most of the defense aspirants think.

Always remember, it’s your smart work that can take you to success. Work hard and earn the stars on your shoulder.


I am a Defence Freak who love to write for those who want to SERVE THE COUNTRY with PRIDE. I am currently preparing for Civil Services alongside writing on this website. All I want to say is... HOW'S THE JOSH?


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