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Understanding Tejas Mark 2 – The Next-Gen Tejas (Specifications, History, Future)

The pride of India and one of the most famous aircraft that you must have heard of, especially if you are from the Air Force background, is the Tejas Mark 2

Tejas, The Pride of India,” is a phrase that almost every Indian already knows for a long time. And as a matter of fact, it is true. There is a reason why foreign countries, from Malaysia to Singapore, opted for Tejas way before the Indian Air Force. 

There is very significant history and stories that have made Tejas- The Next-Gen Aircraft. Starting from 2015, the CAG Report stated that Tejas MK-1 came with few problems, like it was an underpowered aircraft and has a lack of training capabilities along with fuel capacity and electronic warfare capabilities. 

In the article, we will learn certain things about Tejas Mark-2. 

Specifications Tejas Mark 2

The Tejas MK-2 consists of a compact design and two closed canards. With a tailless delta wing shape, this aircraft gets a triangle shape and has no extra horizontal surface except for those big triangular wings. 

Because of that compact design, Tejas has various advantages like simple structure, lightweight body, and less aerodynamic drag. The aircraft has a wingspan of 8.5 Meter and the canards of the aircraft are controlled by Wire System that helps in quick responding and better maneuverability. 

History  of Tejas

Back to the time of Tejas MK1 that came with several issues, and to address these problems, the aircraft was redesigned and later on proposed as Tejas MK 1A- (an advanced version of Tejas). The plane was similar in shape and only differed in the complication that was rectified. But very soon, the CAG jumped into the scene to announce that even Tejas MK-1A was not upto the mark, 

But even after that, the IAF ignored all the reports by CCS (Cabinet Committee on Secure Clearance) and made an order for 83 Tejas MK-1A. It was India’s largest indigenous procurement. 

From all these things, you will get a basic idea and history of Tejas MK and how popular it was that in the future contributed to the popularity of Tejas MK-2. And it is Tejas MK-2 that makes India excel at making Fighter Jets. 

Future of LCA Tejas

When it comes to the future of the Indian Air Force, Tejas MK-2 is all set to replace all the wide variety of aircraft like Mirage-200, Mig-20, Jaguar. This aircraft will be an advanced 4.5++ Generation Aircraft and superior to Rafale. It has the qualities to be the world’s most potent and advanced aircraft like the F-22 Raptor. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What is the generation of Tejas-MK-2?

Ans. The purpose of making Tejas MK-2 was to replace the strike fighters of IAF, including SEPECT, Dassault Mirage 2000, Jaguar, and Mikoyan MiG-29. And the first flight of this aircraft is planned for 2023, with the production to begin in 2026. 

Q2. How powerful is Tejas Mk-2? 

MWF aircraft, like no other aircraft, is capable of carrying a payload of 6500 kg. The load is almost double the LCA Tejas‘ capacity, which can handle 3,500 kilograms. 

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