What are the Indian Army Officer Facilities?

Indian Army is considered one of the most respected and admired professions in India by every civilian or corporate job holder. The reason is not just the admiration and respect but also the facilities they get.

Living an Army Officer’s life is a dream of around 90% of Indians, but very few get to live that one. If you are among that 10% who think that the Indian Army is not for you as a profession, reading this article will help you change your mind. 

Facilities That Indian Army Officers Get After Joining Defense Force

1. Explore the Country: It is the only government organization in India where you can explore all the country’s places without even paying or becoming a billionaire. Only the army officers and their dependents are eligible to visit and be a resident of places that no ordinary person can go. 

2. Medical Aid: When it comes to medical aid, the defense officers and their families get free medical service throughout the entire service period and after retirement. Although, all the medical services are available only at the medical hospitals and top hospitals that come under the scheme throughout the country. 

3. Sportsmanship: When you enter the defense force, it gets the best out of you. Before you join the army, they train you for almost every aspect of your life by providing special training facilities and real-life challenges. When you come out of the training period, they have transformed you into an officer who will represent India and their organization on the battlefield and international levels.

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4. Study Plans: As education always stays with a person till death, the Indian Army puts extra effort into promoting education in every organization. They provide study leaves to the personnel on request and also provide MBA courses for retired army officers. According to them, education has no limits with age.

Other Facilities by the Indian Army 

5. Welfare Programmes: The Indian Army always puts the welfare of their offers and their family in prime positions. Whether it is marriage funds, educational facilities, mental wellness, and other extracurricular activities, they understand the importance of every factor.

6. Additional Facilities: There are many other perks of being in the Indian Army, like canteen, transportation, mess, clubs, guest rooms in all cities, and subsidized cooking gas. The officer can take advantage of such facilities even after retirement. 

7. Martyrs’ Dependents: As a family member of Martyrs, you also get a few facilities as a gesture by the administration for the soldier’s ultimate sacrifice.  

8. With the special marriage facility by the Army, a group of officers, along with a band, organizes a special marriage ceremony for the person getting married. 

9. After commissioning, every officer gets a personal buddy or person whose main job is to perform tasks for the officer they are assigned. 

10. Fully Furnished Accmodation: Every government army officer gets fully furnished government accommodation for free in almost every country. 

If you are already fascinated by the facilities a professional gets in the Indian Army, then you would be surprised to know that it’s not all. There are many other benefits that an officer gets in the defence force that you can avail yourself of after joining the Army. 

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