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Proven Tips to Crack SSB Interview within a Month

Is it possible to Crack SSB within a month? Yes, it is possible! We have seen a lot of candidates who have cleared their SSB in just one month. SSB is a filtration process that separates “BEST FROM REST”. In this article, we’ll see tips to crack SSB interview (the prestigious interview process) within one month.

Note: These tips won’t work like magic. You must implement it, and day-to-day practice makes you perfect, then only you can crack the SSB.

Tips to Crack SSB Interview

Know The SSB Procedure

Firstly, you must have a piece of knowledge and essential details about the procedure like the first-day screening test. Most of the aspirants are not able to clear it. Those who clear is supposed to stay for the next 4 days. In 4 days, candidates go through various tests which check their mental strength and social attitude. 

Do Regular Practice for SSB

Now, after becoming familiar with the SSB procedure, it’s time to do the practice. SRT (Situation Reaction Test), WAT (Word Association Test), and other psychological tests can be dealt with by practicing either from study material or taking help from social media platforms like YouTube, Telegram, etc.

Watch Videos for GTO Practice

It would be difficult to practice for GTO (Group Task) at home. The obstacles in GTO are the same, so you can watch the videos on YouTube, and taking knowledge of these obstacles will help you a lot.

Prepare for Personal Interview

PI (Personal Interview) is a little tricky, but an individual must be confident and honest while answering. The sitting posture, gesture, and dressing sense must be adequate and patient while giving an interview because sometimes the IO (Interviewing Officer) asked you tricky questions to check your patience and confidence.

Honesty is the best policy! Filling up the PIQ form honestly and correctly will ensure that you won’t face ‘tricky situations‘ during the interview. During PI, the interviewer will look for key traits like OLQs (Officer Like Qualities), confidence, decision-making skills, analytic skills, general awareness, and aptitude.

Know Your PIQ Details

Try to stay calm during every task you perform and most important is whatever you write in your PIQ form, you must have deep knowledge about it For example, if you write your income is 35 k per month, you should know about how you spend

Stay Updated with Current Affairs

One should be aware of what is happening in the world. Many candidates leave this, but it can be an added advantage for an individual. A candidate must know about various topics like defense, sports, social topics, etc. For this, refer to newspaper or current affairs books. 

Prepare For Lecturette

Many a time in lecturette candidates gets a topic related to “Relation of India with neighbor Countries. “An individual must know neighboring countries like Pakistan, China, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, etc. For this, you can go through YouTube.

Get Knowledge Of Your Academics

After this, you should have good knowledge of your academics. Many a time, IO asked questions related to your subject. If you are an engineering graduate, please go through your subjects. 

Know Your Town/State

Know your native town or state in a better way; collect information related to historical significance, population, language, governance, notable personalities, etc., of your state/town.

Build Your Confidence

Your confidence must be high! Building confidence will certainly help you perform well in a personal interview, group discussion, group task, etc. Work on your communication skills, improve your English fluency. To build confidence and oratory skills, you can stand in front of a mirror and practice. 

Do Physical Exercise Daily

Individuals should have good physical fitness. Being physically fit and agile will help during the Physical test and also boost your confidence.

These were some points on which one can focus. Remember SSB is not a one-day task; you should inculcate good habits like doing exercise, wake up early, help others, support your family, respect your seniors, etc. If an individual inculcates these habits, he will get recommended.

Utkarsh Gaur
HVAC design engineer have a knowledge of various software of design and drafting,1+ year experience of working in design field and additionally BIM segment.A defense lover who Love to explore and ready to learn and share new things.


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