Who was Lt. General Thakur Nathu Singh Rathore?

When we talk about people that graved their hearts or inspired us to devote our lives towards our country, the name that comes to mind is Lt. General Thakur Nathu Singh Rathore

Born in the small city of Dungarpur, Rajasthan, General Rathore was always keen on studies. He lost both his parents at an early age but still managed to get proper education from a renowned university. During his visit to the village, the Maharaja of the Dungarpur- Maharawal Vijasinghji, met Nathu Singh and got so impressed with his intelligence and confidence that he took him under his wing. 

Nathu got his education from prestigious universities like Mayo College, one of the most prestigious colleges or the Princes of Rajasthan. Being good in his studies, Nathu was always the topper of the class. And during his school time only, he got a keen interest in serving the country and thus joined the British. 

The Brave General Thakur Nathu Singh 

Nathu always showed his brave skills and expertise in hir entire military career, especially the ones against the British. He believed in doing the right thing for his country- India, whether it was against or in favour of his side. He even raised a question in front of Gandhi Ji, but it is just one chapter from the book. 

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The first story is when he has to dine in the officer’s mess which he didn’t want. Nathu’s parents had certain beliefs, and that’s how he knew that his parents would have never allowed him to eat at the same table with an Englishman. He showed his reluctance but eventually made peace after many efforts. 

We can mention the second one during his commanding period for his unit under Division 14, commanded by Major General Curtis. Nathu was asked for a demonstration, so he gave one. In the end, the demonstration was so impressive that he got a salute from General Curtis- a scarce moment in the history of the army.

Not only this but there was a time when he heard a British officer passing a comment “Damn! This country” because of his frustration. General Rathore, standing beside him, retorted, “Sir, when I was in England, I didn’t like it there. So I came back. Why don’t you do the same?”

Lt. General Rathore was also in touch with Gandhi Ji. And one time, when they were discussing non-violence, he asked questions that no one would have could. His words were, “In 1921, you had said that we would achieve independence in one year. What happened? You had said division of the Country over my dead body. And the Country has been divided”. To Gandhi, Ji has no answer. 

From one to another, there are many stories of Lt. General Thakur showing his courage, confidence, and fighting spirit to do anything for his country. 

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