Why does the Indian Army Use Royal Enfield Bullet?

There is always a strong connection between the Indian Army and things that reciprocate the entire personality of an Indian Army officer, and one of them is Royal Enfield Bullet. Sometimes it feels like it is meant to be made for an Indian Army Officer only. The power, personality, and vibe we get from an Enfield entirely match an officer’s aura. Still, there are many other reasons why the Indian Army uses Enfield for the organization. 

In today’s article, we will share a few reasons why the Indian Army uses Royal Enfield for their organization. 

Why does the Indian Army Use Royal Enfield Bullet?

1. Starting from the fact that this royal and powerful bike is derived with the help of Royal Small Arms Factory in Enfield, London, by a Redditch-based company.

2. The purpose of sending this piece of artwork to India was to use it as a means of transport for the military people and para troops. It was significantly used for dispatching riders during the Second World War. Since then, it has had a great significance in the Army.

3. Being one of the oldest motorcycles, it has a great connection with the Indian Army back to 1949 when it was used for border patrol by the instruction of the Government. 

4. Due to its capacity to load heavy weights, substantial machine parts, and speed, there is nothing that a Bullet cannot do. Overall, we can say that this masterpiece is made to help the Indian Army and its people in every possible way.

A Royal Enfield Bullet is always considered a sign of royalty with power for the people who ride it. Some people use it for its features, while others use it for its appearance. You decide what you want from the potent 350cc bike.  

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