All About Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft – AMCA Fighter Jet

According to the latest reviews, the Indian Air Force is now ranked as the third strongest Air Force in the world, with America and Russia above it. It has preceded the Chinese and Japanese Air Force and the French and Israeli Air Force. Such significant achievement has become possible with courageous officers, skills, and the aircraft & warcraft collection. 

This article will discuss one super famous and extraordinary Combat Aircraft- AMCA Fighter Jet. 

The Story of AMCA Fighter Jet

As per the latest updates, discussions are going on between international engine manufacturers about the development of the engine of the popular fifth-generation Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) is still in progress. The confirmation about result of AMCA is confirmed by the Defense PSUs that it will enter the beginning stage soon. 

A DRDO officer confirms this news to the Indian Express that the Ministry of Defence will take the final decision to develop AMCA. On the stake of anonymity, he said- “The co-development of AMCA’s engine will be completed with an international association. We are analyzing the offering by engine manufacturers for the development cost and Transfer of Technology.” 

And the CEO of Safran Aircraft Engine-Jean-Paul Alary, said, “The conversation regarding the development of AMC is still under discussion. When we see all the technologies and further take the final call for the development of engines.” 

According to the sources, the sanction for the design and prototype development from the Cabinet Committee on Security (CSS) has not arrived. HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) are working on the jet’s design. 

Specifications of AMCA Fighter Jet 

1. Sensors 

  • AESA Radar 
  • InfraRed Search & Track 

2. Performance 

  • Point 
  • Mission 
  • Maneuvering 

3. Maintainability and Reliability 

  • Low Operating Cost
  • High Availability

4. Survivability 

  • Stealth 
  • Electronic Warfare 

5. Weapons

  • Close Combat Missile (Air to Air)
  • Beyond Visual Range Missile (Air to Air)
  • Joint Direct Attack Munitions 
  • Precision Guided Munitions 

Multi-Mission Capabilities 


Long Range Combat 

  • Extended Detection
  • Low Radar Signature 
  • Range & Targeting 
  • Supersonic Persistence 
  • High-Speed Weapon 
  • Release 

Short Range Combat 

  • High Angle of Attack Controllability 
  • Fast Change of State (Thrust Vectoring) 
  • Low InfraRed Signature 
  • All Round Missile Warning System 


  • Precision Strike 
  • Special Missions 
  • Mariti 
  • Special Missions 
  • Suppression of Enemy Air Defense 

The specifications of AMCA Fighter Jet are aligned with the Fifth Generation aircraft technology with special inclusions like weapons, supercruise, stealth, and many more. We will surely hear about the final stage of development for AMCA soon. 

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