Top 10 Amazing Facts About GARUD Special Forces

Indian Air Force- one of the most powerful air forces in the world and popular because of the courageous officers, aircraft with the latest features, and the best weaponry. The Indian Air Force comprises many special forces commissioned for different tasks and duties. And after proper analysis, officers are shifted to specific forces to make the best of the team. One such special force of the Indian Air Force Defense Service is Garud Special Force

In this article, you will learn some amazing facts about the Garud Force of the Indian Army. 

Top 10 Amazing Facts About GARUD Special Forces 

The Indian Air Force’s Garud was established on 6th February 2004. The force consists of 2000 officers serving their country with utmost courage and dedication. 

1. Garud is India’s force that has the youngest personnel and officers. The team caught everyone’s eyes after the Air India 2005 show. The need to build the force came into existence after the 2008 Jammu and Kashmir attacks. 

2. Garud officers of IAF get training like Marcos of the Indian Navy and Para Commandos of the Indian Army. The team’s primary responsibilities are to handle all air-borne operations, Counter-terrorism, air attacks, and counter-insurgency operations in Jammu & Kashmir. They also have to protect the Indian Air Force field protection during peacetime. 

3. During the 2016 fight, the army took the help of the Garud commandos for assistance.  

4. Like the Indian Army and Navy, Garud officers of IAF do not opt through internal selections, but the Air Selection Process chooses the candidates. During training, the officers of Garud forces stay together within their unit throughout their service period. ‘This claims that for a longer duration, India will have the best soldiers for them. 

5. The candidates eligible for Garud Force have to undergo rigorous training. Moreover, every student gets only one attempt to pass the training. 

6. The training course to enter Garud Force is about 72 weeks, which is the highest among all the other defense courses. Within these 72 weeks, the candidates get their basic training as well. And after 3 months of the initial training, the candidates are selected for the next phase. 

The selection process for this unit is tough, and very few can go to the next level. 

7. The uniform of Garud Special Force was a Black Beret like other special forces of the Indian Air Force. But now, they have a special Maroon Beret that parts them from other forces. 

The uniform also consists of a “Performance Insignia” on the left and IAF Garud Badge on the right. And the Garud commando badge is now replaced with a new Garud wing badge, worn on the left side of the chest.

8. The candidates get their training at Counterinsurgency for Jungle Warfare school (CIJWS) in Mizoram. The center is especially famous for its counter-insurgency and jungle warfare training. And the training center attracts candidates from all over India.  

9. The GARUD officers use special caterpillar techniques during operations which helps in better formation. The armor used by these officers is imported from Israel. 

10. The unit has a collection of one of the best rifles, including PAR, Assault rifles, Galil MG, IWI Tavor, Beretta 92, AK 74, and many more. 

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