Why You Should Join Indian Armed Forces

Thousands of aspirants every year dream of getting into the defence force of India, as it is the most reputed and respectful job. Those people who dream of serving the nation and doing something for their country join the Indian Armed Forces. But, many other reasons can attract candidates to join the Indian Armed Forces. 

In the interview for the SSB screening, every candidate has to answer the question of why they want to join the defence force of India. Joining the defence force is a proud feeling for anyone. Be it the uniform, responsibility or the respect you get, everything comprises this one role purely. 

In today’s article, we will share many reasons why you should join the Indian Armed Forces.

Why You Should Join Indian Armed Forces 

1. The first and foremost thing that makes a person join the Indian Armed Forces  is to serve their nation; the feeling cannot be defined through words. There are many jobs in the military, like logistics or off-field jobs. But being on the battlefield and protecting it by keeping your life on sake is beyond anything.

2. How candidates are trained with discipline and regulation adds value to their life. Your body and mind are alert and always ready for any circumstance.

3. The feeling of being in the armed forces with that shiny and blaze uniform is itself the best of any other job. The uniform is a symbol of pride and integrity which one has to earn. No one can purchase it at any cost. 

4. Being a government-associated job, the armed force provides a service with all kinds of medical aids and other privileges. 

5. Being in the defence forces, a soldier has to perform physical routine, education and many others daily- it makes a soldier physically fit and active. 

6. Indian Armed Forces come with their own set of challenges and tasks on a daily basis. These things prepare you to handle any situation or problem like an expert. 

The Most Valued Service in the country- the Defence Force of India

7. Along with the soldier, the officer’s entire family gets medical facilities, grocery, canteen, water, house and other facilities. 

8. Meaning to Life: Being in the Indian Armed Forces makes a soldier value his life by contributing it to his nation entirely. Also, it gives you challenges, obstacles, pride, respect, honour, status in society and security in the family. 

9. An army officer is not less than a warrior. He learns everything it takes to be a soldier, like royalty, duty, pride, and service, and lives with it whether on or off. 

There are many more than the things mentioned above to being an armed force officer. And before anything, it takes a selfless heart to be one. 

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I love portraying my imagination through my writings and like when people learn from my own perspective. I thrive to write and give a different meaning to the world through my eyes.


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