Women officers set to Join Army’s Artillery Wing

Women Officers in the Army!!!

The role of women has been increasing steadily in the field of national defence. Women are employed in Defence Production Units, Defence Research & Development Laboratories in the Armed Forces.

Indian women are now eligible to join the artillery wing of the Indian Army as officers. The artillery branch of the Indian Army is responsible for providing fire support to ground troops during combat operations. Women officers in the Indian Army can serve in various roles in the artillery, such as gun position officers, observation officers, and survey officers.

In a significant step, the tenure of Women Officers in the Short Service Commission has been increased from 10 years to 14 years of service. Besides, their promotional avenues have been substantially enhanced. Earlier, they were eligible for only one promotion to the rank of Major after five years of service.

As per a recent decision of the Government, Women Short Service Commission (SSC) Officers in the Army are granted time-scale substantive promotions to the rank of Captain, Major, and Lt. Colonel rank after 2, 6, and 13 years of service, respectively.

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This is at par with the promotions available to the Permanent Commission (PC) Officers. In addition, to ensure gender equality, the training period of women officers in the Army in the Short Service Commission has been increased from 24 weeks to 49 weeks to be at par with male Short Service Commission Officers.

In the Regiment of Artillery, Corps of Signals, Corps of Engineers, Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Army Service Corps (Food Scientists and Catering Officers), Army Ordnance Corps, Intelligence Corps, Army Education Corps, Judge Advocate General’s Department, and the Army Postal Service, women officers join as Short Service Commission officers.

After infantry, the Regiment of Artillery is the largest arm of the Indian Army. The Indian Army has been gradually opening up combat roles to women officers.

The proposal to induct women officers in the artillery wing was sent to the government in January and approved on March 20. Before this, women were not allowed to join the infantry, mechanized infantry, armoured, and artillery wings of the organization. This move provides women officers with greater career growth and advancement opportunities in the Indian Army.


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