Women Officers Allowed Permanent Commission in Indian Armed Forces

On the occasion of 72nd Independence Day, Prime Mister Narendra Modi announced Permanent Commission for Women Officers in Indian Army, Navy & Air Force. PM Modi made the announcement that not only enlightens the role of women in the society but also brings them up with the right of equality. PM Modi, during the Independence Day 2018 speech made an announcement that women will now be granted Permanent Commission in the Indian Armed Forces.

Permanent Commission for Women in Indian Army, Navy and Air Force was a topic which was under discussion since long. Even four months back, the Supreme Court made an announcement that Women must be granted the option to opt Permanent commission in Indian Armed Forces.

About Short Service Commission:

Under the Short Service Commission, the officer is permitted to serve as a commissioned officer for 10/14 years. Initially, they are permitted for 10 years which they can extend up to 14 years. After 14 years of services, Male officers are allowed to apply for Permanent commission while Women Officers don’t have any such option.

But with the PM Modi’s announcement, women will now be able to serve the motherland for more than 14 years.

Previous Proposal for Permanent Commission of Women:

According to the sources, earlier to this announcement, the Indian Army was planning to grant a Permanent commission to women in selective fields including IT, Corps of Military police and Cyber team. Apart from these fields, the women officers can’t continue their services for over 14 years.

Permanent Commission for Women in Indian Army:

At present, there are only two fields where the Indian Army is offering Permanent Commission to Women Officers. They are currently allowed Permanent commission in Army Education Corps (AEC) and Judge Advocate General (JAG) department. All the women officers serving in Indian Army apart from these two fields are currently short service commissioned officers with the maximum serving period of 14 years.

Permanent Commission for Women in Indian Air Force:

Indian Air Force has recently allowed the entry of women in Indian Air Force as Fighter Pilots. When we talk about the Women fighter pilots, we can’t forget to recall Avani Chaturvedi, Bhawana Kanth and Mohana Singh who are the first three fighter pilots who gear up to touch the sky with glory. They are considered to be the first batch of women fighter pilots commissioned form Indian Air Force training Academy. They were commissioned in the Indian Air Force in June 2016.

Permanent Commission for Women in Indian Navy:

In Indian Navy, women are only allowed to opt Short Service Commission in numerous fields including Logistics, Law, Observers, Air Traffic Control (ATC), Pilots (Maritime Reconnaissance Stream), Naval Armament Inspectorate cadre (NAIC), Naval Architecture and Education Branch.

In the month of March 2016, the government of India permitted women SSC officers as pilots in the Maritime Reconnaissance (MR) stream and in the Naval Armament Inspectorate (NAI) branches of the Navy.

All in all the Independence Day 2018 Speech of PM Narendra Modi has come out as the boon for all Women aspirants who were looking for Indian Armed forces as their career and are looking to serve the motherland.


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