Don’t Make These SSB Interview Conference Mistakes

SSB is the 5-Day interview process every candidate must go through after qualifying for the written examination to join the Defence Force of India. This 5 Day interview consists of many physical and psychological tests that every candidate has to participate in and score well to reach the final round i.e the Conference Round.

The conference round happens on the last day of the interview where the members find out about the candidate’s overall performance and discuss whether they should recommend the candidate. The final decision is made based on the student’s performance in GTO tasks, IO, and Psych tests. Typically, the rejected or selected candidates have a very short conference while the one on the borderline takes the most longer duration in the same.

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Although there is nothing that can make you get a sure-shot guarantee of cleaning the round, there are a few things that you can avoid to make a good impression. Today’s post will cover mistakes you as a candidate should avoid making at the Conference.

Mistakes To Avoid During SSB Interview Conference 

1. Making Suggestions and Inputs to the Board 

In the conference room, the candidate is asked to provide any suggestion that they feel the board improves. At this stage, you just have to say no. Most students made the mistake of commenting about the accommodation or food or something else, which is inappropriate, especially at that time. 

If you have any valuable feedback to share, it’s okay, but if not, say no. 

2. Complaining About The Service Staff

Many candidates start complaining about the laundry service or some other service that puts questions on the service staff. It’s not ethically right to complain about someone when you are not asked when you can do all those tasks by yourself. 

3. Not Greeting The Members 

When you enter the conference room with the senior officer, do not make the mistake of not greeting them. Make sure to greet the senior-most officer, i.e the president of the board as you enter the room. 

You do not have to greet all the members present in the room. 

4. Getting Frank With the Board 

When you are in the conference room, understand that you are just a candidate and other people are at certain posts. Often, the candidates giving the SSB interview are academy drop-outs, NCC candidates, or were at any other posts in the military only. These people make the mistake of treating the board as their friends which is not ethically right. 

When you are in the conference hall, you are just a candidate and must maintain that gap between you and the jury. 

5. Taking Excessive Time

The main aim of the conference round is to get to know the candidate’s overall personality. If asked a question, you must answer it quickly without taking much time to think about what answer to give. 

6. Accepting Your Mistake

When you are in an interview, it is common not to know everything that is asked of you. But the bottom line is to accept that you do not know everything and say, “I don’t know about this but I’ll learn about it in the future” and go on with the next questions. This shows your acceptance power only. 

7. Trying to Ask Other Candidates About Interview  

Every candidate is judged based on their unique things and is asked different questions based on their performance. It is not ideal to match yourself with anyone and to ask what happened to the one who went before you. 


The most important thing when going for the conference interview round is to be yourself and be confident. You will be judged based on your overall performance, so just be quick and remember what mistakes not to make during the interview. 

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