How to Prepare for SSB Preliminary Interview

Jai Hind! These two words make us have an internal connection with our country. If you are on the way to serve the country and making yourself ready to allow yourself to make the country proud and serving for the glory of the country then you must be aware of all the examinations and SSB criteria. 

What is the SSB interview?

SSB (Service Selection Board) which is set up by the ministry of defense, to evaluate the prospective candidates it undertakes the SSB interview. These candidates are for the recruitment of the army, navy and air force. There are various benchmarks on which candidates are being selected like compatibility, personality, intelligence, and potential. 

What is a Preliminary SSB interview?

As the name suggests that this is the pre-SSB which is very rare. This is for the entry of the candidates like for UES and TA. Here a short interview is conducted between the candidate and the interviewing officer. They ask you a few basic questions which determine your suitability for the SSB interview. We can also say that here candidates are filtered for the actual SSB interview. The preliminary interview is done for the navy and army UES entries. Officers visit a particular college to select the candidates who applied for this. 

How to Prepare for SSB Preliminary Interview

Army officers will visit the college for this interview, the candidate is informed via their TPO if they filled the form online. Firstly the GD is conducted and for this, the candidate should be:

  • Very precise and fluent about the GD
  • View on the GD topic should be clear although the topic can be difficult
  • Confident on the particular topic

Then the personal interview is conducted where the candidate should be very clear about the questions to be asked.

  • Candidate should know complete about him and in advance prepare the self-description. 
  • While speaking be confident and look into the eyes of the person conducting the interview.
  • Know about the branch

Questions faced by the candidate

  • They check your communication skills
  • Basic questions of family, friends and yourself are asked
  • Questions to check your psychology and Officer Like Qualities (OLQs)
  • Questions related to the organization for which the candidate applied for like army, navy, etc.

Interview Tips to Crack the Preliminary Interview

  • Newspaper: Start reading the newspaper as this will help you in making you fluent in English and also helps in performing well in the interview.
  • Confidence: Appealing personality and polite voice these two are the basic things that you should embrace.
  • Synonyms and Antonyms: This is the important part where you can score maximum marks in English. Although it is not possible to attempt all but try your best to cover as much as possible.
  • Magazines: Current affairs play a very important role in this interview. Make it a habit of going through magazines from 5-6 months before the interview. 

Cracking SSB is not a difficult task but always being confident and clear about all the procedures and tasks conducted during SSB. Never give up should be the motto of every candidate before and after joining the army, navy or air force. 

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