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Tribute to Martyr Captain Manoj Kumar Pandey [Param Vir Chakra]

Captain Manoj Pandey is one of the brave sons of India who sacrificed his life force back the intruders from Indian posts. Manoj Pandey was posthumously awarded Param Vir Chakra. During the 1999 Kargil War, Shaheed Manoj Pandey made a huge contribution in capturing Jubar Top at Khalubar Hills in Batalik Sector, Kargil. With the bravery and leadership he showed during the Kargil Yudh of 1999, he was given the name “Hero of Batalik”.


Captain Manoj Kumar Pandey was born on 25th of June 1975 in Sitapur, Lucknow(UP). He was the eldest son in his family and was having one younger brother, Manmohan Pandey. His father, Shri Gopi Chand Pandey was having a small business in Lucknow. His mother Smt Mohini Pandey was a housewife.


  • Manoj did his schooling from Uttar Pradesh Sainik School and Rani Lakshmi Bari memorial Senior Secondary School.
  • Manoj was an excelled student during his school period.
  • Captain Manoj was fond of boxing. But even more, he loved Bodybuilding a lot.
  • Captain Pandey was even awarded as the Best Cadet in Junior Division of NCC in entire UP.
  • Father of Manoj Pandey never contributed to the fees of Captain Manoj, as he completed his entire schooling through numerous scholarships and awards.
  • His passion to join Indian Army completed after he was selected for National Defence Academy.
  • During his SSB Interview, he was asked by the Interviewer “Why You want to Join Indian Army” for which he replied, “Sir, I want to win Param Vir Chakra” and hence he achieved the same at the end.
  • After completing his training from NDA Khadakwasla Pune, he joined 1/11 Gorkha Rifles.
  • Martyr Manoj Kumar Pandey earned success in pushing the Pakistani back from the Batalik sector.
  • Well, most of you would have already seen the movie “LOC Kargil”. In that movie, the role of Martyr Manoj Pandey was played by Ajay Devgan.
  • For his supreme sacrifice for the motherland, he was awarded Param Vir Chakra.


When Captain Manoj Kumar Pandey was injured in Kargil War, he made his last word as “ Na Chordna”, means don’t let them go anymore. The Captain Manoj Pandey last words even showed the zeal and passion to die for the country and protect it from the unwanted threats.


There are some famous quotes that will always be remembered by us. Here are three quotes by Captain Manoj Pandey

“Some goals are so worthy, it’s glorious even to fail”

“If death strikes before I prove my blood, I promise (swear), I will kill death.”

The third quote was given in the memory of his mother. In this quote, Martyr Captain says:

“She is the star which shines brightly in the darkness, someone who will always give and bless.”


Manoj Pandey wrote his last letter on 19th of June 1999. In the letter, he tried to share as much information about the then scenario of Kargil war to hind family as possible. He shared his situation and how Pakistan troops have well planned the entire attack and hooked to secure bunkers at the altitudes.

Martyr Manoj Kumar Pandey also said that in the initial days, the situation was worse and they witness huge causalities, but now the situation is under control.


On July 2 we got orders to clear up some of the enemy positions in Khalabar in the Batalik sector. We traveled for 14 hours on foot and were short of 400 meters from our aim when there was suddenly heavy fire on our column. The fire came from two directions, from the top and other from the side. At that time Manoj was with me and we had barely sixty men with us. We had lots of casualties. We split the men available. Thirty came with me and the rest went with Manoj.

Being the commanding officer I chose the difficult one on the top. I told Manoj to handle the fire from the left. My own assessment was that there would be only two bunkers there. But later we found that there were six sangars. That was the last time I saw this brave officer alive.

Even while he was going towards his mission, bullets were flying past us. He told me not to worry as he would be able to finish his task. Later on, the soldiers told me that when he came to know that there were six sangars, he chose four for himself and assigned two to another officer. He had cleared three and was moving towards the last one when he got a bullet in the thigh and one bullet on his shoulders.

The boys told him to relax as he was injured and said they would do the rest. But the officer refused and insisted on finishing off his part of the duty. He threw a grenade to clear the last sangar. There was a gap of four seconds between throwing the grenade before it exploded. There was a spurt of fire and three bullets went through his helmet and hit his head. I later saw the helmet.

Meanwhile, the other two bunkers had also been cleared. I also reached a little later. I had been hit in my legs. We fought for three days without any food, water or anything before we could move in reinforcements. We could do it because he had done his job.


I am a Defence Freak who love to write for those who want to SERVE THE COUNTRY with PRIDE. I am currently preparing for Civil Services alongside writing on this website. All I want to say is... HOW'S THE JOSH?


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