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How To Clear CDS 2 2018 Exam?

CDS 2 2018 is just a few weeks away and the dedicated armed forces aspirants have again started working hard to cross the first hurdle. The syllabus of the exam is vast and need some smart plans to achieve. Unlike other exams, it doesn’t rely on some specific subjects or the parts of the academics. It needs a plan to approach the bulky syllabus and doing what is required to be done. And for every task, there has to a planned approach. So, SSBToSuccess has brought to you a brief study plan for CDS 2 2018 along with major topics to prepare for the exam.

Study Plan for CDS 2 2018 Exam:

  • English: For English, the candidates need to fragment out at least one hour daily. For those, who are weak in English, need to give more time to give 1-2 hours daily for it. The main things to do is to go through the grammar, learn antonyms and synonyms, solve important sections of it like cloze test, passages, editing par jumble sentences, sentence rearrangements etc.
  • General Knowledge: It is the biggest hurdle for the CDS aspirants. Most of the candidates, who got drop out of the CDS exam are due to the deficient marks in G.K. and for that a candidate need to devote at least 1 – 2 hours for G.K. per day. Starting with the basic or one-liners, one must go ahead to the depth of the subjects. There are certain subjects that the candidate has studied in his graduation. In those subjects, the candidates would be having excel more than others. Try to make your good section best. The exam consist of History, geography, civics, economics, physics, chemistry, biology and politics.
  • Maths: Maths need rough work and for that, you need more time as compared to others. Start with the basic theories, properties, formulas, enhance your calculation speed and proved outcomes. For these you must give around 2-3 hours daily to it. The major part of this section is trigonometry, geometry, logarithm, combination and permutation, and mensuration. Other simple parts are average, time and distance, time and work, squares and indices etc.
  • Current Affairs: It is the most crucial and the critical part of the exam. Keep reading the newspapers daily, especially editorial sections. Along with that utilize around 1 daily for reading the weekly, monthly or half-yearly magazines. The sports, appointments, military exercises, national and international affairs etc. are to be covered in it.
  • Miscellaneous: Apart from the above-mentioned sections, there are some random topics and sections that the candidate need to go through like military aptitude, highest and longest, world’s first etc. These need a bit focus, but regular studies can make you commemorate these easily.


Every student has some strong and weak section of his aptitude. The above study plan is for the average student, who has the basic knowledge of every part. So, the aspirants need to alter the above plan and make it as per their requirements and aptitude. The exam needs a dedication and will to work hard, as it is conducted by the UPSC, the top authority for recruiting the top grade officers. So, make sure you make every move in a planned way.


I am a Defence Freak who love to write for those who want to SERVE THE COUNTRY with PRIDE. I am currently preparing for Civil Services alongside writing on this website. All I want to say is... HOW'S THE JOSH?


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