How to Pass Situation Reaction Test (SRT) in SSB

I am a soldier, I fight where I am told and I win where I fight.

Youngsters have the passion to be an army person, but there are criteria for joining the Indian army. Candidate has to pass various exams to serve for their country. This is a prestigious job where one finds him or her as the fully dedicated one to do the best for their country.

Various examinations and further various selection procedures are there which candidates have to face to be an army soldier. Here we are going to talk about the situation reaction test in SSB. 

What is SRT in SSB?

SRT or the Situation Reaction Test in SSB is the third test of the psych series. Here the candidate has to answer 60 questions in 30 minutes. The test based on common sense and the time limit is set to check whether the candidate can give the real response during the test.

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It is conducted on the same day when the TAT and WAT are conducted. Just after the WAT with a gap of 10 minutes, SRT is conducted immediately in SSB. This is all about how you react to the situation. Some situations are given to the candidates based on the day to day life and they are told to write an appropriate reaction according to them to face the situation.

Why Situation Reaction Test is Important

To test the candidate which is capable of being in the army is very important. Through the SRT in SSB natural qualities of the candidates are tested without giving much time to think. Through SRT candidate’s qualities like Common Sense, Responsibility, Maturity, Reasoning Ability and Sense of Time and Empathy are all tested as all the situations given are based on real-life incidents. 

Preparation for SRT (Situation Reaction Test) in SSB

Every exam needs preparation and some tips and tricks, so here are some preparation tips to crack the SRT in the SSB interview:

  • There is no such stuff to be used for the preparation of the SRT. It is the natural and instinctive test of yourself that you have to develop on your own. 
  • Keep yourself positive in every situation and try to practice without time and clock. The best tip is feeling you in the situation to have the exact solution. 
  • Once you feel capable of making yourself positive then practice this all within the time limit. Keep it within 30 seconds to come out with the positive solution of any given situation. 
  • Through the Internet and many of the SRT sample papers, you can easily be available. Prepare with the previous sample papers but avoid having answers to them and never repeat them in your SRT in the SSB interview.
  • Confidence and a positive attitude always help you in any situation.

How SRT is Conducted?

During SSB interview SRT is conducted to test the natural qualities as mentioned above, how it is conducted candidate must know:

  • The candidate is given the real-life based situation on the printed booklet and he/she has to face such 60 situations in the test.
  • There is no option of right or wrong answers but candidates have to write the answer in his or her way in another booklet which is given to them. 
  • They have to complete the SRT in 30minutes that is every SRT should take 30 seconds to complete. 
  • Candidate can write in English or Hindi but prefer English while writing. 
  • After 30minutes all candidates must pen down that is no further writing and they have to submit their response. If they go on for writing the candidate is disqualified.
  • No gadgets are allowed and you can respond to any of the situations first or you can skip any situation which is taking much time than 30 seconds to think. 

Candidates passionate about the Indian army should know all about the examinations and the selection procedures. SRT in SSB is one of them which meant a lot in the selection to show your natural qualities.

Be brave, be confident and be straight forward. Jai Hind. 

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