Former Indian Army Captain Turns Serial Killer in Haryana

Indian Army is always considered to be the most prestigious organization along with its other sibling Indian navy, Indian Air Force and Coastal Guard. But some of the mischievous people always let the organization down. Naresh Dhankhad, a former Indian Army Captain claimed 6 lives in Palwal city of Haryana.

Who is Naresh Dhankhad

Naresh Dhankhad is 45 years old, who was the topper during his MSc post-graduation. He did his post graduation from Haryana Agriculture University, Hisar. According to the sources, Naresh Dhankhad was married 10 years ago, but his marriage life doesn’t work well on a long run. He was left by his wife 4 years back.

Naresh is the youngest brother in the family of five brothers. Talking to his brother Chandrapal Dhankhad, he claimed the Naresh is mentally ill and was undergoing medical treatment by the doctors in Muradnagar.

What is the Serial Killing Case?

Naresh Dhankhad, being medically ill entered a private nursing home, where he attacked a woman and hide in the washroom. Being his first murder, he was captured in the nursing home CCTV’s that gave the Haryana police a glimpse of his crime.

Palwal Superintendent of Police Sulochana Gajraj said “He appeared to be mentally ill and looked highly aggressive. Preliminary investigations have revealed that he had strained relations with his wife and two children,

After his first attack, the second murder was done near a temple followed by the third murder near a Gurudwara. In the sequence of Serial Killing, he killed the fourth person near Dher Colony in Palwal. Later he killed the fifth victim in a government primary school. At last, he killed a security guard who was positioned outside the building near a courier office in Palwal’s market.

When the Haryana police make an attempt to arrest Naresh Dhankhad, he even attacked the police to make an escape. Police arrested him and booked him for serial murders.

Police arrested Naresh Dhankhad in the injured situation as, during the serial killing, he also received multiple wounds. Police stated that the psychological examination is being carried out by the concerned authority.

The Deputy Superintendent of Police Abhimanyu Lohan said that the serial killing accused Naresh carried out the serial killing without any motto or personal reason. Police arrested him from Palwal’s Adarsh Colony area where he was found injured.

How Naresh Dhankhad relates to Indian Army?

When Naresh Dhankhad was arrested, Police recovered the Identity card that shows that he was a retired Captain from Indian Army. Not much information has been released in this regard, whether he was holding the original ID or was having a fake Army Identity.

When Naresh was brought to the hospital for treatment, he was in the semi-conscious state.

This is a unique serial murder case carried out by the person from a reputed organization. The police are undergoing their investigation behind the actual reason of murder and the authenticity of the Army Identity card found from the accused.

Source: DNA India

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