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Highlights of Republic Day 2018 [Interesting Facts about Republic Day]

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India celebrated the 69th Republic day on 26th January 2018. This celebration on Rajpath always witness the zeal and Josh of Indians where Republic Day Jhanki is showcased in front of the visitors. Many of you would have not the entire knowledge of why Republic day is celebrated on 26th of January, every year. So, before moving forward to read the Republic Day 2018 highlights, watch the video of all of 26 January Republic Day celebration that you all must know.

Video: Interesting Facts about Republic Day

Highlights of 69th Republic Day Celebration at Rajpath:

1- The Republic Day Parade was scheduled to start on 26th January at 0950 Hours from Vijay Chowk. The parade then moves from the Rajpath to Red Fort ground. During the Republic Day celebration event, total 23 tableaux were presented which includes 14 states& Union territories along with 9 Central ministries.

2- The rehearsals for the republic day flypast were started from 18th of January. The rehearsals were visible on the Charkhi-Dadri-Jhajjar-Yahuma River.

3- President Ram Nath Kovid honored Corporal Jyoti Prakash Nirala with Ashok Chakra, posthumously. To receive the award, the wife and mother of martyr Jyoti Prakash were present at the republic day. Martyr Jyoti was a Garud Commando who was martyred while fighting with the terrorists.

4- This is the first time ever when the chief guest was invited from 10 countries. On the 69th republic day parade, the leaders of 10 ASEAN counties were invited as the chief guest. The ASEAN member countries include Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Brunei

5- During the Republic Day parade, the Indian Army, Navy & Indian Air Force showcases their skills and new technologies. On this day, 700 students from across the globe presented their performance. On 26th January 2018 Parade, 13 women BSF soldiers also performed motorcycle stunts.

6- This time, a ‘Bharat Parv’ event is being organized form 26th January to 31st of January. The event will be organized at the Red Fort with a motto to build patriotism and boost the promotion of the cultural diversity of the country.

7- On Republic Day parade 2018, total 795 police personnel were awarded gallantry awards. 107 personnel were awarded the PMG (Police Medals for gallantry) award, 75 personnel were honored with President’s Police Medals and 613 Police personnel were honored with Police Medal for Meritorious Service.

8- 18 National Bravery Award winners including seven girls and 11 boys were invited to attend the Republic Day 2018 Parade. Out of 18 awardees, three children were awarded posthumously. Undoubtedly they become a point of attraction for the viewers at Rajpath.

9- The Republic Day 2018 will be the first time when government’s research Institute ICAR participated the republic day event. It was showcased via tableaux in the republic day parade displaying the factors that result in boosting farmer’s income.

10- The Akash weapon system of 27 Air Defence Regiment (Amritsar Air Field) was showcased during the Republic Day 2018 Parade. The regiment was led by Captain Shikha Yadav and Captain Mohammad Yunis Khan.

11- In the 2018 parade, Brahmos Missile System of 881 Missile Regiment marched on the Rajpath. The Brahmos missile is the only available supersonic missile over the globe.

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