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India Russia Military Tiers On Next Level

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In SSB Interview, most of you might be asked some random Rapid Fire Questions from the current affairs. Or during the Group Discussion, your group might be given a topic related to India Russia military ties. There, you will require a good knowledge of the topic that can help you present good points with details and proof. Adding facts and figures makes the discussion strong.

Russia, the all-time partner of India, is having another season to meet the old friend.  Both the nations have a good history of relations and flourishing the same in the future. Russia has offered MiG -29s to India in a move ahead of the Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s visit on 2nd of April. It is not the first time that India has been offered defense deal by Russia. MiG- 21, Mig 29, S-400, Sukhoi 30 MKI and many others are there in the list. But the offer is being taken by the Indian side as a step of meeting the aircraft requirements. The cost of the deal and points over the lifetime maintenance are yet to yet discuss. India is taking it as a golden step as India already has MiG-29 and pilots are completely aware of its handling; and these are also cost-friendly in the time when India needs aircraft to maintain its air strength to a great extent.

Other Aspects of India-Russia Military Deals

Talking about other aspects, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman would try to seal the deal of the 5 S-400 systems which Russia has also sold to China. These air defense systems would help India in stretching the air security and are reported to be deployed on the borders for improving security. But the bulky cost of the air defense systems is the bothering the Indian government as it would put an extra burden on the budget.

FGFA, Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft, is also expected to be a part of the discussions. After China sold its J-20 aircraft to Pakistan and India is undergoing the dearth of the aircraft, India is eyeing these aircraft to maintain its power. India and Russia had signed the deal for FGFA in 2007 for which India accepted to pay $ 295 million. But since then a very low progress has been seen in the project.

About India-Russia Military Relation

Russia has been a close ally of India and also has a good military relation. India and Russia have been in the deals of Sukhoi, 30-MKI aircraft, Ka- 226T helicopters, Kamov -226, Brahmos, INS Vikramaditya, T-90 Bhishma, Akula Submarines, MiG aircraft and many more are there. Russia also keeps a hand toward India for providing the spare parts of its exported weapons. Apart from this, India and Russia participate in annual and semiannual military exercise Avia-Indra and Indra.

In the time when China having more than 80 squadrons, and Pakistan working at its best to get itself levelled with India, India need to make firm moves in developing a rock strong force with best equipment and weapons. Most importantly, it needs to stay ready for the war it every moment as the relations with the neighbours are fluctuating. India’s weapons manufacturing authorities are at the task of manufacturing weapons at full swing, but still, several issues and delays in the delivery is seen. Well, the Indian government has now taken a step toward the private firms for this manufacturing and also making efforts to procure the best available weapons form the foreign arm giants.


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