Motivational Story of Major Hoshiar Singh – Param Vir from 3 Grenadiers

Here’s another motivational story of Major Hoshiar Singh of the Indian Army that we will share in this article. The Param Vir Chakra awardee, Col Hoshair Singh (present designation), is a jewel of the 3rd Grenadiers battalion who has got the highest military honor for his courage and performance during the Indo-Pakistani War (1971)

Motivational Story of Major Hoshiar Singh – Param Vir from 3 Grenadiers

1. Born on May 5 1936, in a small village of Sisana, Haryana, Hoshiar Singh doesn’t have a military family background. His father, Ch Hira Singh Dahiya, was a respectable farmer and his mother a housewife. 

2. After his schooling in the Sisana village, Hoshiar Singh went to Jat College, Rohtak, to complete his graduation. 

3. Col Singh always wanted to join the army, and that’s why only after his first year at college did he join the Army. He was enrolled as a Sepoy in the 2nd Jat Battalion. 

4. Being an extraordinary player and an all-rounder, his team members gave him the name “Hoshiare” of their group. And for his leadership skills and officer-like qualities, he got selected as a commissioned officer in the 3rd Battalion of the Grenadiers at the Army Cadet College in June 1963.

5. The 3rd Battalion of the Grenadiers is the oldest, which got its name on August 4, 1768, as the first Sepoy Battalion. 

6. The 3rd Battalion has fought many battles and has achieved victories. They have also won many gallantry awards from their superior and excellent Grinders by showing their dedication and work. 

7. Adding legacy to the same is Col Hoshiar Singh, who brought the highest military award- the Param Vir Chakra. His remark in the Battle of Basantar of the India-Pakistan war has made him get these rewards to the troop. 

The Story of Victory of Major Hoshiar Singh 

1. It was December 5, 1971, and the Grenadiers battalion was taking forward the task of establishing a bridgehead across the Basantar river in the Shakargarh sector. The mission would not have been completed without capturing the enemy Jarpal. 

2. The commanding officer of the troop- Major Hoshiar Singh, took the task of attacking and capturing Jarpal. Later, the job was successfully carried out by our Major. 

3. While the counter strike was going on, there was intense fire from the enemy troop. Hoshiar Singh led the charge in the attack and fought fiercely in a hand-to-hand fight. 

4. The rival troop again put three successive counter-attacks with armour on December 16. But undermining the heavy attack and firing, Major Hoshiar went on the trench to trench, providing support to his members. Moreover, with the encouragement and support, the battalion gave a solid counter to the rival troop and made serious injuries to enemies.

The Never-Give-Up Spirit of Colonel Hoshiar Singh (PVC)

5. On December 17, the enemy again attacked the division by medium artillery fire. 

6. Despite serious injury, Major Hoshiar Singh continues to give his battalion full support by going from platoon to platoon irrespective of the intense firing.

7. When the enemy troop came to the machine gun post to give a severe counter to the team, Major Hoshiar Singh, realizing the need to counter the enemy, rushed immediately to the machine gun pit even though he was seriously wounded. 

8. Major Singh gave a solid counter-attack to the troop. Still, he was repulsed again by the enemies, and 85 soldiers got “shaheed” in the attack, including Major Lieutenant Colonel Akram Raja, three officers and their commanding officer. 

9. Even though Major Singh was seriously injured, he remained with his team till the end and refused to give up his life till the ceasefire. 

10. Further, Colonel Hoshiar Singh gave the perfect example of leadership and courage throughout the operation and displayed the never-give-up spirit of a soldier.

The operation gave rise to a Param Vir Chakra awardee- Major Hoshiar Singh and another officer, Lieutenant Arun Khetrapal of Poona House, for taking the enemy tanks within reach of 200 yards till the time his tank got on fire. A fearless boy from Poona House went down his tank “Famagusta”, earning the most distinguished honour for his battalion. 

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