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How To Earn Sword of Honour in IMA, INA, OTA, AFA, NDA Academy

Sword of Honour– The pride of every army officer and the dream of all the candidates who wish to join the Indian Army in future. Sword of Honour is a special award that only one student of a training batch gets after performing well in academics and achieving the top merit position and other curriculum activities. 

The best candidate of the batch gets this awards after completing training at the Passing Out Parade. And when a candidate wins the Sword of Honour, they also get the senior-most position (the highest rank) among all the students. 

How To Earn Sword of Honour In IMA, INA, OTA, AFA, NDA Academy

The journey to earn the Sword of Honour is not easy and requires constant hard work and dedication. Every candidate puts all their efforts into earning this pride, but not everyone is eligible to get one. The top merit holder of the batch is the one who is eligible for this honour. Moreover, to earn one, here are the things that you need to do: 

Every 6 months, 5-6 lakhs of candidates gives a examination to join the Indian army. Out of which only 8000 gets forward. And in the end, 300-400 candidates made it to the final round of the selection process. And among these selected candidates, there is only one who gets the Sword of Honor for performing outstandingly in every field. 

1. Physical Test 

In this physical fitness test, the cadet has to be the best in all the sports performances and competitions to prove that they are unbeatable. 

2. Filed Training 

Every candidate is given proper field training in which the one who has the Sword of Honor has to perform their level best. 

3. Service Subject Specialization 

Every candidate has been given specialized subjects during their training period, and the one who is eligible for the honour must have proper knowledge of the subjects. 

4. Participation 

A Sword Of Honor candidate must participate in every activity, task or role given to them during the entire training period. 

5. Appointments 

A candidate should have organizational and management skills to get into the merit list to be eligible for this award. 

6. OLQs [Officer Like Qualities]

Every candidate is tested for award eligibility throughout the training period. So, the candidate must possess exemplary behaviour at every moment. 

7. Additional Advantages 

If a candidate has any additional course, points or any advantage, then the chances of earning the Sword of Honour are more likely.  

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