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How To Prepare For SSB In 15 Days

When you appear for any exam, the way you perform at the exam matters the most. Even the slightest things can make a significant impact when it comes to the interviews, especially if you are preparing for the SSB examination.

To become an officer of the Indian Armed Forces, you must clear the SSB examinations. While some people take 2 to 3 months to prepare for the same, it can be ready for SSB in just 15 days. You can also crack the SSB examination with pepper time management and resource access. 

In the article, we will give your tips on how you can pass the SSB test by preparing in 15 days. Let’s take a look.

Tips To Prepare Yourself For SSB In 15 Days 

1.Time Table is a Must 

Many know that time management is the key to success, but a few apply. 

Making a timetable helps you plan your day accordingly and keep you focused. When you plan your entire day, you get to take time for other things, such as exercise. 

2. Embrace Your Psychology Quotient 

In the SSB exams, you must focus on your psychological test. During DSO, creating and narrating a sensible story is what the selection officer needs. Reading books based on psychology will help you bring new and innovative storylines. 

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3. Take Out Time to Read 

Make a habit of reading newspapers and articles daily. Not only does it help you know the country’s current situations a lot better, but it also makes you aware of sensitive issues that the interviewer might ask you. 

You can also read the current affairs on various blogs online for more updated versions. 

4. Learn Story Narration 

Story making and narration are essential parts of the SSB screening test. You have to make up a story and narrate it before the interviewer with confidence and no errors. For this, you can practice lecturette and narrations at home or in front of your friends. Practice gives you confidence, but it also improves your imagining power. 

5. Interview Preparation 

SSB interview is the tiebreaker for your selection into the Armed Forces of India. You have to play with your words before the interview to confirm your selection.  

All you need is to understand the mindset of the interviewer about what questions you will ask if you are in their position. Learn about your job profile, its requirements and your objective. Understand the requirements for that role and prepare yourself according to that only. 

Your confidence and personality will come out the best if you know what the person will ask you during your interview. 

6. GTO Preparations 

GTO stands for Group Testing Officers, which analyses the skills you must possess as a group leader. During the tests, make sure that you bring the best leader in you while taking care of other members. You must possess good points in Group Discussion that provide a lead for further discussion. 

Start with regular physical exercise and jogging to ensure your body fits physical tasks.

7. Nourish Your English 

A candidate with better communication and narration skills is eventually the more confident one in the entire batch. Good English and verbal communication enhance your confidence and attitude. 

Practice speaking and narrating at home in front of your friends or family, learn new words and practice them every day. Or improve your speaking skills by practising in front of the mirror daily for 4 to 5 minutes. You will surely see a positive difference in yourself. 

Remember, improving your attitude doesn’t mean you have to degrade others. So be empathetic with other candidates during GD and respect their views.  

8. Final Touch To Your Preparation 

You are all set for your SSB screening test. The last-minute preparation involves reading the latest current affairs and your short notes. You can also do some psychology assessments by someone qualified only- like a DIPR trained assessor. 

More than your strength and stamina, you will take yourself further. 

By considering the factors mentioned above, you can prepare yourself 70-80% for the interview. Take online quizzes, read books and give offline tests to understand the patterns of SSB tests. We wish luck to all the students preparing for SSB screening tests and NDA examinations this year. 

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