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Arjan Singh, India’s First Ever IAF Marshal [Motivational Facts Inside]

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On 16 September 2017 at 1947 hours, the Marshal of Indian Air Force Arjan Singh left for his heavenly adobe. He was one of the most celebrated soldiers of India. He passed away at the age of 98, followed by a cardiac arrest. Marshal of Indian Air Force has played an incomparable role in the Indian Air Force and has served the best time of his life in Air Force.

Hero Of 1965 War, Arjan singh

Through back of Arjan Singh’s life:

Arjan Singh was born on 15th August 1919 in Lyallpur during the British realm. He was born in an Aulakh family. After the death of Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw in 2008 June, he was the only left Indian Defense officer with five-star rank. He was graduated from the RAF college in 1939 with distinction. His portrait is still mounted on the walls of College’s west staircase.

Marshal of Indian Air Force Arjan Singh

Awards and Honors:

  • He was awarded Padma Vibhushan for his extra-ordinary leadership of the Air Force during the India-Pakistan war.
  • General Service Medal 1947
  • Indian Independence Medal
  • Distinguished Flying Cross
  • Sainya Seva Medal
  • Samar Seva Star
  • 1939–1945 Star
  • War Medal 1939–1945.

Marshal of Indian Air Force Arjan Singh Awards

Here are some of the interesting facts about First ever IAF Marshal Arjan Singh

  • He was the third five-star ranked officer in the Indian Armed Force history. However, it’s the only Air Force Officer to get, such rank.
  • He was the fourth generation who was serving the Military. His father, grandfather, and great-grandfather also served in the military of British Army.
  • When Arjan Singh was just 20 in 1939, he was graduated as a Pilot Officer. He entered the Royal Air Force College when he was just 19.
  • In 1944, Arjan Singh was awarded Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) for his heroic actions against Japanese. At that time he was Squadron Leader.
  • He becomes the first Sikh to become the Chief of Air Staff (CAS) on 1st August 1964.
    Arjan Singh was the only CAS to hold the position when the rank of Air Marshal was promoted in 1966.
  • The leadership of Arjan Singh was a game changer during Indo-Pak war.
  • He was even awarded the Padma Vibhushan for his extra-ordinary contribution in the war.
  • He has served as the CAS for the longest tenure. He stayed as CAS from 1964 to 1969.
  • After his Indian Air Force tenure, he served as Ambassador to Switzerland in 1971. Later in 1974, he becomes a High commissioner to Kenya. He also served as the Lt Governor of Delhi in 1989.
  • In 2002, he was promoted to the position of Marshal of Indian Air Force by the then President K R Narayanan.
  • On his 97th birthday in 2016, the IAF Panagarh air base was named after Arjan Singh.
  • During his serving tenure in Indian Air Force, he flew nearly 60 different types of aircraft.
    Under his serving tenure, India received its first Supersonic Fighters, tactical transport aircraft, and assault helicopter.

Our Hearted Salute to Marshal of the Indian Air Force Arjan Singh

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