Lady Slaps Army JCO on Delhi Road, Gets Arrested

In a recent incident, an Indian Army man has been slapped by a woman on Delhi Road. A video has been released by one of the on-route travelers. This video has gone viral and has received high attention.

What is the Complete Incident?

The accused is JCO Mahavir Singh, a Junior Commissioned Officer (JCO) in Indian Army. On September 9, he was approaching Nizamuddin Railway Station in Delhi with his officials when a car overtook their jeep. The car was being driven by a woman. As the car stopped ahead of their jeep, a lady came out of the car and slapped the JCO. The JCO Singh, in order to inquire the matter, came out of the jeep. But the lady again slapped him with rude manner.

This was not the end, as the lady continued to slap the Indian Army man multiple times. However, throughout this happening, the Army man didn’t respond harshly towards the lady.

JCO Singh has claimed that they stopped the jeep meters before the car and that’s why they were unable to acknowledge the actual matter of her rash behavior.

After the incident, JCO Singh registered a FIR against the lady on September 10. After the Delhi police get involved, they identified the lady as Smriti Kalra who hails from Gurugram. Delhi Police has arrested the lady under IPC section 186, 353, 314 and 332 (Non-Bailable).

Section 186 in The Indian Penal Code

The section 186 under IPC states that whosoever blocks the public servant in performing their public functions will be punished with:

  • Imprisonment that can be extended to a term of three months.
  • OR fine of up to five thousand.
  • OR Imprisonment along with Fine.

Section 353 in The Indian Penal Code

The section 353 under IPC stated that whosoever use criminal forces against the public servant in order to halt them in serving the public duties, will be liable:

  • Imprisonment of up to two years.
  • OR a specific amount of Fine.
  • OR imprisonment along with Fine.

Section 332 in The Indian Penal Code

Hurting public servant from serving his duties or intent to deter that person from serving public functions will be liable of:

  • Imprisonment of up to three years.
  • OR a specific amount Fine.
  • OR both Imprisonment and Fine.

Previous Similar Incident with IAF Junior Warrant Officer:

Well, a similar case has already happened in the Delhi in April 2017. In the incident, an Indian Air Force JWO was accused by three people when there was a minor touching between the bike of JWO’s bike and a Swift car. Two people start beating the defense person who was then accompanied by the third person. They even snatched the I-card and R/C of the motorcycle by the IAF Junior Warrant Officer. After the incident, Delhi police registered the FIR.

Final Verdict:

This is really sad to see that people have lost their love and respect toward the soldiers of Indian Defense Forces. The Indian soldiers who lay their lives for the safety of civilians are ill-treated by the civilians. We should change the mindset and deliver them the respect they actually deserve.

Jai Hind.

I am a Defence Freak who love to write for those who want to SERVE THE COUNTRY with PRIDE. I am currently preparing for Civil Services alongside writing on this website. All I want to say is... HOW'S THE JOSH?


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