9 Times Lieutenant Colonel MS Dhoni Showed Officer Like Qualities

Lieutenant Colonel MS Dhoni has always been an inspiration and role model for the youth. There are countless traits that make MS Dhoni a youth icon throughout the world. Being the only Indian Captain to earn all the three World Cup, he was recently awarded the Padma Bhushan Award. Even being from a middle-class family, he achieved his Aim without losing his focus. So, here are the Officer Like Qualities that you will always find in MS Dhoni whenever he is leading his men on the cricket ground.

Officer Like Qualities of Lieutenant Colonel MS Dhoni

He is Named as “Mr. COOL”: Most of the time, MS Dhoni is named as Mr. COOL in the digital media. The main reason behind this name is his cool minded nature that makes him the coolest person in the entire cricket world. Whether it is the World Cup Match of 2011 or the T20 World Cup, he is never need under pressure. Instead he builds a scenario that puts the opposite team under pressure.

No Show off at all!: In many of the cases, the Captain of an International Cricket team is seen to have Ego problem that makes them to show off their reputation. But in case of Lt. Col. MS Dhoni, he is totally a grounded person with no ego and selfish nature within. Similar to the nature of Indian Armed Officer, he too stays grounded whatever the situation is.

MS Dhoni is Highly Confident: Confidence of an Indian Defence Officer can make him win a battle. The confidence on himself as well as his team is what cam offers you half victory. In the similar way, Lieutenant Colonel MS Dhoni is highly confident about his top 11 team. This is the main reason behind plethora of victories in numerous cricket ground battles.

Dhoni Handle Success Smartly: Getting success and then handling it with pride is not easy for everyone. Lieutenant Colonel MS Dhoni is one of those personalities who know how to handle the success and stay cool even after winning a match. The flash of popularity and the charm of money have never changed the actual personality of MS Dhoni.

Always Have Focused Mindset: Whatever the situation is, MS Dhoni never lose his focus and always plan his strategies to achieve his AIM. In his numerous matches, you would have seen him keen attention towards the wickets and his skills to make use of the opportunities to achieve his wicket. Even during multiple cases of controversies, he always play with all his attention towards victory and work for the same.

Have Strong Gut Feeling: A good leader always require someone to deliver advice. But the best leaders have their own instincts to decide the best possible decision. In many cases, the decision may fail, but a leader will be prepared with a second plan (Plan-B). MS Dhoni is one such person who is always ready with his Plan-B and believes in his gut feelings.

Dhoni is Always Prepared to Handle Failure: Success is not sure hence it’s important for a goof Leader to be prepared for the failure too. Like an Indian Armed Officer, Lieutenant Colonel MS Dhoni too has the skill to handle failure with a smile and take the entire responsibility of the failure.

Take Entire Team Together: A leader is never complete without co-operative team members. Its easy to give instructions, but it’s hard to make every member of the team squad to follow those instructions. MS Dhoni has that skill where he takes his entire team together and builds a strong bonding with each other.

Always Encourage his Men: Encouraging his team is the sole reason behind numerous victories of an Indian Armed Force Officers. In any of the random match of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, you will always find him encouraging his men with all the possible ideas about the match and change the entire game of the match.

How MS Dhoni Joined Territorial Army?

The Officer like Qualities in Mahendra Singh Dhoni made him join Territorial Army in 2011. MS Dhoni joined Territorial Army on 1st November 2011 as Lieutenant Colonel. He becomes the second Cricketer (after Kapil Dev) to serve Indian Army as a commissioned officer. He was commissioned in 106 Para TA Battalion.

But as Lieutenant Colonel MS Dhoni was given an Honorary rank, he was not able to command TA units or work as a normal TA Officer. However, his keen interest towards the Indian Defence Force compels him to undergo Para Basic course in Agra. He underwent 3 Para jumps earning is parachute wigs.

About Lieutenant Colonel MS Dhoni Padma Bhushan Award:

On 3rd April 2018, Mahendra Singh Dhoni was confers with the Padma Bhushan Award. 3rd April is also celebrated as the day when Captain MS Dhoni earned the Word Cup 2011 after nearly 2 decades. On 3rd April 2018, MS Dhoni wore military uniform to receive the Padma Bhushan at Rashtrapati bhawan. He, like a normal Indian Defence Officer marched towards the President Ramnath Kovind and received Padma Bhushan on his uniform. You can watch MS Dhoni Padma Bhusan Video below.

You will have numerous reasons to learn from Captain Cool, MS Dhoni and achieve your AIM in life.

We Salute Lieutenant Colonel MS Dhoni.


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