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Inspiring Story of Major Rishi – Whose Face was Shattered in an Encounter

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On March 4 2017, Two Terrorists were cornered by the army in a house in Tral. Major Rishi (42 RR) was the first to reach the scene to hunt them down. Within a short span of time, the troops had laid the cordon and occupied tactically advantageous positions to aim at the terrorists. They then started the process to plant explosives in the house to make the terrorists reveal their positions. Major Rishi moved into the house himself for the task and planted the IED.

Due to the first explosion, the terrorists were forced to retreat into the rear portion of the house, giving the army team and local police troops an advantage to corner them further. However, after the continuing gun battle, the troops felt the need to blow up the remaining portion of the house too. The Major again volunteered to enter the house and place the IED. He went inside in pitch dark conditions in the middle of the night. While returning, Major Rishi spotted a better location and decided to place the bombs there as it would do more damage to the house.

As soon as he placed the bomb, one of the terrorists opened fire at him from point-blank range and a bullet hit directly on Rishi’s face, knocking off his nose and badly damaging his cheekbone and jaw. Despite the grave injury, the officer realized that if he allowed the terrorist to move further, his team would be endangered. That very moment, the Major sprang up and used his AK-47 rifle to shred the terrorist in the quick moment before escaping outside safely with his team.

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Army sources who have worked closely with Maj Rishi, say he was responsible for bringing in peace and stability to a great extent when Kashmir was burning over Burhan’s Wani’s death.

His ability to speak and make friends with everybody resulted in him making many friends among locals notorious for spitting on patrols in the area after Burhan’s elimination, the area under him was the quietest with no stones thrown

Reconstruction surgery was ongoing at regular intervals for his shattered nose and jaw, and he is recovering now. Anyhow he is currently serving the country with the pain in his face.

Today one year passed since Major Rishi has shown his bravery during an encounter at Tral – Jammu Kashmir. Even though his face was shattered after being shot in the face during the encounter, he killed one Terrorist.

Thank you, Major Rishi R! For showing us what it means to be soldier. Wishing you complete recovery soon!

A great salute from our heart to the brave hero….

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