List of Important Indian Military Bases Outside India

Despite having many military bases in the country itself, India still has many military stations outside the Indian boundaries. These stations help in projecting power and marking its presence among abroad nations. And that’s why India has established many military bases in countries for making defensive ties and other strategic advantages.

What is a Military Base?

Military bases are those physical stations that the military operates to shade military weaponry and equipment and promote training and operations more precisely.

This article will share the list of the most important Military Bases Established outside India.

List of Important Indian Military Bases Outside India


The Indian Military Training Team is Bhutan’s military base in India, located at Haa Dzong in the western part. The base is the training center of the Indian Army. And the Royal Bhutan Army and the Royals Bodyguards of Bhutan troops (RBG) are trained here.


Tajikistan has a military base by the name of Farkhor located near Farkhor city. This military base consists of a 130 kilometers long route from the capital Dushanbe.

Farkhor military base is a joint base run by the Indian Air Force and the Tajik Air Force. It is also the first foreign military facility in India. The primary role of this military port is to transport high-military supplies to the Afghan Northern Alliance. It was also used to treat and evacuate Afghan Alliance members during the crisis.

In short, this base is a vital asset for India to expand its influence over Central Asia and many other countries.

3. Nepal

The Military Base of India is located in Surkhet city of Nepal. Because of the good connections between India and Nepal, the Air Force officers use this center to guard the country against any aerial surprises. It is also a training center that provides military training like hand-to-hand fighting to Nepalese soldiers.

4. Madagascar

India’s first overseas military base is built in Madagascar. In close proximity to northern Madagascar, India uses this base as a listening station to hear the sea’s conversation and keep track of shipping movements in the Indian ocean.

5. Mauritius

India has established a military base at the North Agalega Island, which serves as India’s coastal monitoring radar system. In addition, the Indian military has also taken the island on lease for strategic planning and asset development for India-Mauritius Military Cooperation.

6. Seychelles

A joint agreement between India and Seychelles consists of building a naval base at Assumption Island to deal with China’s String of Pearl Strategy. In the name of the joint venture, India has gave an amount of $100m and a Dornier aircraft to Seychelles.

7. Singapore

With a joint naval cooperation agreement between India and Singapore effective from 29 November 2017, the Changi Naval Base was formed. Further, this military base is served as an Indian Naval Base in Singapore for strategic planning against China’s expansionism strategy.

This naval base also helps India with surveillance of China’s trade route, responsible for around 70& of China’s overall trading.

8. Oman

India has 3 military bases and one naval base in Oman.

With the listening post at Ras Al Hadd, the establishment at Duqm, and berthing rights at Muscat Naval base, India has a massive base in Oman.

9. Iran

The country has created a military center in the southern part of India by the name Chabahar Port. Moreover, being India’s only ocean port, Chabahar takes care of all the port’s operations in India. 

10. Mozambique

India and Mozambique hold a strong bond with each other. And due to this reason, it was the Indian Navy that took charge of the country’s maritime security during the 2003 African Union Summit and World Economic Forum.

In short, India has established good relations with many countries by being active in the defence forces. With training, contracts, exchanges, and many other things, India contributes to and maintains countries’ interest in mutual security.

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