How To Perform Snake Race in SSB [Group Obstacle Race]

Passionate to be an army officer, it is not limited to be a perfect individual, but how you deal or work in a team also matters a lot. Candidates preparing for the SSB must know all about the Snake Race in SSB, which is the task of cooperation and team spirit. 

What is Snake Race in SSB GTO?

In this task, each group has to carry a load resembling a snake to a particular place crossing certain obstacles, and it is a leaderless exercise that one has to perform. It is one of the thrilling and exciting tasks in SSB GTO. As an army person fighting a war is a must, so here the candidate has to perform the task which looks like fighting a war. Candidates show their attitude and behavior towards the team; team spirit means a lot when you are in the army.

How to Perform in the Snake Race in SSB?

There are specific rules and regulations which one has to follow while doing this snake race. Some of the candidates make the group task as the individual task, but it’s not worthy at all. It’s challenging to manage the snake together, so there are various factors that you have to deal with.

Not everyone in the group will be an athlete, so dealing with this, you have to carry the snake overcoming all the obstacles. While performing in a snake race, candidates must think of a war situation. Always think you are leading the team who have to deal with all kinds of obstacles and show team spirit.

Qualities of Candidate Assessed in Snake Race

In Snake Race, candidates are supposed to show Officer Like Qualities, and the main reason is to assess these qualities in every candidate. Here are a few objectives of the group obstacle race:

  • Ability to initiate the task
  • Self-confidence and team spirit
  • Determination and courage
  • Enthusiasm and interest in a group activity
  • Cooperation
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Mental and physical toughness

Rules for Snake Race in SSB GTO

  • The snake should be picked in a way that it should not be touched to the ground until you reach the finish line.
  • The snake should be taken exactly in the same manner to cover all the obstacles.
  • The snake should not be shortened or folded in any manner. Minimum three people can hold the snake at any one time.
  • Wait for the entire group before going for the next obstacle.
  • Motivations words or phrases can be used to motivate the team members, and the snake should not cross out of the boundary line.
  • Never shout on your team members or use abusive words to them.

Obstacles in Snake Race 

As per the rule, the team has to carry the snake and deal with all the obstacles. What are these obstacles in the snake race?

Obstacle 1:

This is quite a simple and easy one where the candidate has to climb through a plank and jump to the other side of the obstacle. This is known as ramp and jump.

Obstacle 2:

Known as figure 8, the team has to make figure 8 to complete this task.

Obstacle 3:

There is a high goal post, which is 9 feet high; all the candidates in the team have to cross this structure, which is spider web-like with the snake.

Obstacle 4:

Here, two walls and balli are there which candidate has to climb and cross the balli to the next wall and have to jump to the other side of the second wall. 

Obstacle 5:

Known as a high wall, the first candidate of the team can go up to the wall and stand there, and others can go up by climbing on the shoulder of the other candidate and climb the 8 feet high wall.

Obstacle 6:

Ramp and slide, on the 7-8 feet high pole, the horizontal ballis are placed, and candidates have to climb the horizontal ballis and slide down to the other side.

So, future officers for the question “how’s the josh” your answer must be “high sir.

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