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Col Santosh Mahadik Motivational Story That Will Inspire You

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17th November 2015 was the day when Col Santosh Mahadik laid his life for the motherland. After being martyred, Col. Santosh Mahadik present a unique case of bravery where he fought with the infiltrators till his last breath. With his unconventional bravery and valor for his motherland has made him a true motivation for the young generation.

What actually Held on 17th November 2015?

In 2015, Col Santosh was posted in the Kupwara sector of Jammu & Kashmir. During that time, he was the Commanding Officer of 41 Rashtriya Rifles.

On 15th November 2015, Col Santosh Mahadik was on the way to a search operation, where he witnesses three terrorists. As he approached them, he faced an open firing from the terrorist end. As Col Santosh was leading a search party, he fought with the terrorists bravely but due to multiple injuries, he was martyred.  He dealt with the terrorist and faced their heavy firing till his last breath. The heavy machine gun firing was the actual reason that results in multiple injuries to him.

As his team was covered with the reinforcement, he was rushed to Durgmulla Military Hospital, where he got martyred.

Interesting Facts about Col Santosh Mahadik

Col  Santosh Mahadik was an Adopted Son: Col Mahadik was adopted by his aunt who lived in Godoli area in Satara. His father was a tailor by professional whereas his brother was a milkman. Since childhood, he was having a keen interest in Defence Forces and he laid its foundation by joining Sainik School when he was in 6th standard in 1987.

He was a Brave Hearted Soldier (No One can deny this): Col Prashant Patil was one of his classmates during the tenure in Sainik School. Col Patil says that Col Santosh Mahadik always loves his motherland and hence talks about being a martyr for the nation. He was a calm person who was having a storm in his heart.

An All-rounder Sportsman: Col Santosh Mahadik was an ultimate sportsman who showcased his skills in multiple sports activities. He was an ace footballer, a skilled horse rider. Apart from this, he was passionate about boxing. Interestingly, Col Mahadik was one of the trainers who trained Indian Captain MS Dhoni for paragliding. Apart from being a commissioned officer, he was an officer of 21 Para-special Forces unit.

He Always Loves to Lead the Front: Col Santosh always loves to lead the front. During his last battle in Kupwara, he was leading the search party in Kupwara.

He was Awarded Sena Medal: Colonel Santosh was awarded Sena Medal for his bravery in Operation Rhino, which was held in Assam, in 2003. Operation Rhino was also an anti-terrorist operation in which Col Santosh Mahadik lead his troop.

Information about Lt. Swati Santosh Mahadik

Martyr Col Santosh Mahadik was survived by his wife (Lt. Swati Santosh Mahadik) and two children. After nine (9) months of the tragic incident, his wife Swati Santosh Mahadik showed her interest in joining Indian Army and pursue her career as an Officer.

But being over-aged, she was unable to pursue her dream. For this, Lt. Swati Mahadik asked Indian Army and Defence Minister for help. As a result, she was exempted from the age barrier and was allowed to apply for the appropriate vacancy. Lt. Swati Mahadik cleared the SSB and after vigorous training at OTA, she finally fulfilled her dream to continue her husband’s profession.

Verdict: On one hand, where Colonel Santosh Mahadik was successful in preventing the terrorist from infiltrating the borders, we lost a brave soldier. We will always respect your extreme sacrifice for the motherland. You (Col Santosh Mahadik) will always remain a motivational personality for the young generation who are passionate to join the Defence Forces.


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